thank yoo for yore purrs and tail wags and i am bak from the emergentsee vet!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am bak frum the emergentsee vetnameez and i wanted to say thank yoo for all the purrs and tail wags and crossd paws and stuf wot yoo sent wile i was gawn!!!


dramtikally baklit vizsla is baklit and dramatik. and also dada aparently duznt no not to poynt his kamra at sumthing brite wen in a dark rum.


the gud nooz is that the emergentsee vetnameez did not find enny blud in my deposit frum the bakyard i do not no why but mama and dada wer verry wurreed that their wood be blud in my deposit but their isnt!!! no deposit no reetern!!!

opening the drayps is not eksaktly an improovment dada

the emergentsee vetnameez persun wuz verry nice and akkording to dada verry verry yung witch probly meens she wuz like thirty ennyway they sed i wuz dehydrayted like a prune or beef jerky mmmm beef jerky and they gayv me sub … subq … wel ennyway they inflayted me like a water balloon wel not reely on akkownt of my hart murmer but stil they did giv me sum flooids just like wot tucker and trouble yoozed to git so i am definitly wun of the in krowd now!!!

see how mutch better the kamra wurks frum the other side dada???

ennyway in addishun to topping off my flooids the vetnameez persun also stole sum of my flooids on akkownt of that is wot vetnameez peepul do sum of my levels wer not kwite rite but that is mostly eksplaynd by eether my medikayshuns or my beeing a littel dehydrayted like a raisin but not reely like a raisin becuz raisins arnt gud for dogs also wun of my liver reedings is a littel bit high so mama sez we wil follow up on that with my regyoolar vet this week!!! but for now i am home with sum noo medisins sumthing kalld suc … sucra … sucralfalifragilisticexpialodocious or sumthing like that it is suppozed to kote my tummy and stop the bleeding in their if like their is an ulcer or sumthing trixie and tucker both had suc … sucra … wel wotever it is so i am definitly in the in krowd their too!!!

hey chaplin did ennything happen wile i wuz gawn??? wot??? yoo cant tawk becuz yoo hav ben drivvin owt of yore cat rum by another ant invayzhun and yoo ar plotting how to git bak in their??? ummmm ok shoor

so ennyway i am bak home now and resting komfortably and mama manadjd to giv me sum mor of the pills wot i need i am stil not reely intrested in eeting but we wil see how i am feeling a littel layter after i hav my sucralfatestablishmentarianism or wotever it is kalld!!!  and also we ar going to be trying another noo diet soon kalld ultamino aparently it is a noo kind of fud wot is suppozed to be gud for us dogs with inflammatory buy a vowl dizeez we wil see how that goze!!! oh and hey by the way the vetnameez persun sed i wuz a verry handsum boy and a verry gud boy and that i wuz her fayvrit payshent of the day so that just goze to show yoo that emergentsee vetnameez peepul hav got gud tayst!!!

just kall me the silver foks!!!

thank yoo all for yore purrs and tail wags and paw krosses!!! i wil let evrybuddy no how i am feeling tomorro!!! ok bye

26 thoughts on “thank yoo for yore purrs and tail wags and i am bak from the emergentsee vet!!!

  1. We are so very glad you are home Dennis and we are hoping all the big words are code for you will be feeling better real soon! Sending extra fluffy tail wags!
    Arty & Jakey


  2. So happy you are home, Dennis! I had my “surgery” today and all kinds of shots and stuff, and I was home in the afternoon already, and now I am feeling great and I want you to feel great too ’cause you’re my friend!
    Little Pyshka, and Uncle Barmalei and Auntie Beba send their Meows and Purrs.
    P.S. I learned to say Meow like a real cat instead of squeaking like a mouse!


  3. Mee-you what a reelief yur home Dennis!!! Mee iss typin inn thee dark so pleeze xcuse any spellin miss-takess….mee just had to stop bye an let you know mee iss **purrin** an purrayin fur you! LadyMum says no blood inn yur busyness iss a berry good fing an that yur Pawentss are sue-purr vigilantte…wait no..maybe viggylant to make sure yur OK…An beein dee-hydrated like a prune or raisin soundss a bit scarey! Aunty Nylablue used to get them subbyQ fluidss…do you reememburr?? An sumtimess shee wood ‘spring a leek’, mew mew mew…
    As mee goes to sleep tonite mee purray to Buudha Kat to watch over you an give you strength an an appytite all so….
    Yur concerned an carin furend, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  4. Dennis I was so scared as I read about the bad day you had yesterday…. the mama cried like a waterfall and we are so glad you are back at home. We hope your regular vet will fix efurrything and there are only good news to share when you see him… hugs and weimpower!!!


  5. I hope that new, young doctor is as smart as she seemed. She surely had you pegged as a good, handsome boy, so she had that right! Well done, D. I hope you eat some of the new foods today, but if you’re not hungry, send your food to me. I will eat it for you.

    Love and licks,


  6. Hi Dennis! We have noticed that our Mom has started calling people in their 30’s “kids” which apparently is a sign that our Mom is ancient… Anyhoo, we are glad that you are home and no longer the prune danish that you were! You are definitely part of the cool kids now – TaiChi used to get her fluids topped off regularly, and Abby took the sulcra-whatever stuff, too, so you are SO part of the in-crowd! BTW, your emergency vet person is definitely a smart one, recognizing that you are handsome AND smart! We are glad you are home, and hope you start feeling better to the point of wanting to eat stuff. (Tell your parents that the vet recommended pizza…!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


  7. So glad you are home and are on medication to help you. The vet can be scary most of the time, but my Housefolk told me many times they mean good (although everything they ever gave me hurt or made me feel funny).
    Good luck and feel better!
    Be seeing you,


  8. We are glad to see this update Dennis and we hope since you got all hydrated and have new meds you will be eating and feeling much better real soon. We hope the follow-up with your regular vet will be good news. Hugs and nose kisses


  9. We are just seeing this today, but we are so happy that you are home and getting some good treatments to make you feel better. We are not surprised at all that the ER lady found you to be her best and most favorite patient of the day – you are very special!!! We hope today is a much better day for you. Get well, buddy.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  10. Thank you for the updayt…er update. A Dennis who doesn’t want to eat is worrisome though. Hopefully you will get back your appetite with the new fud…er food. We agree, you are very handsome and you have a lot of friends.


  11. Very worried when I saw the emergency vet was consulted. I sure hope you are able to eat soon so you don’t have to get blown up like a water balloon. Love and prayers coming your war dear Dennis.


  12. We are reading backwards, but it must have been so scary for everyone. The doctors and nurses at the vet are pretty wonderful all over the world. You look very handsome there on the bed when you are not being dramatically backlit. Wiggly waggly tails.


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