i ayt three poynt fore ownses of boild wite tripe for luntch tooday!!!


its not mutch but its a start!!! maybe i wil eet sum more for dinner!!! ok bye

24 Comments on “i ayt three poynt fore ownses of boild wite tripe for luntch tooday!!!

  1. That’s great Dennis! Keep it up, ya gotta keep your strength up. I’d share my dinner with you, but I’m part lab, which means there is never anything left in my bowl. Hope you continue to feel better and I’m so glad your Dada is taking such good care of you! ~Trixie


  2. Oh, Dennis. I am so glad you are recovering well. I was very worried. Is eating that tripe a part of getting back on your feet, or is it just tasty?


  3. You better eat a lot more of that tripe, Dennis,before we get there and gobble it all up:) Just kidding. We are happy you ate something, One meal at a time, right? Hang in there, pal.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  4. Tripe is so good for you, Dennis. Er, I mean, tripe is so GOOD, Dennis. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed more of it this evening.


  5. Oh Dennis that sounds FABulous! I do loves fishes too ~ I don’t gets much, cause it makes Ma gag, butts sometimes she relents, and it it sooooo good! I thinks that is a pawsome furst meal! light and yummy! sendin’ POTP and healin’ vibes dude!
    Ruby ♥


  6. Tripe! Interesting choice. You’re quite the gourmet, D. I had kibbles – with 3.4 ounces of cooked carrots tossed on top. Keep up the good eating, buddy!

    Love and licks,


  7. that is a fabulous step in da right direction… I hope you can dig in much much more fur dinner… and maybe in some days you can eat a whole elephant or even two… hugs and potp to you dennis


  8. Go you! (Although we’re a tad concerned that Dada’s OCD is getting out of hand again – 3.4 ounces? How does he know his scale isn’t off a bit and it wasn’t 3.5 ounces?!? 😀 ) We’re proud of you, Dennis!


  9. Excellent work!!!! The Labradors be never had tripe, but for the look on your face it must be delicious. Keep up the eating. Be well.


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