11 thoughts on “Throwback (Dennis & Trixie) Thursday: The Tale of the Toy

  1. Trixie was daring Dennis to take it! And once he got it and Trixie didn’t want it any more, it was no more fun, he, he. I do hope Dennis is doing better every day.


  2. How fun to see Dennis and Trixie playing together!!! At first we thought Dennis didn’t really want the toy, he just wanted Trixie to play chase:) Very cute video.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  3. Hahahaha! Hey, um, Dennis, while we totally knew what was going to happen (let’s face it, Trixie didn’t run the house because she was a pushover!), Mom was still laughing! Gotta love the power of video to take you back to the days when you still thought trying to steal from Trixie was a good idea!

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona, Crazy Daisy and Lucy-Fur


  4. Oh Dennis, you had so many chances but you were running too fast. And when you looked up at your human and they didn’t get the toy for you: very sad. Trixie was such a good player, and you got the toy in the end.


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