Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Clothes Pile Blanket


Picture taken April 11, 2015

Dada’s Note: Dennis’s last round of tests didn’t find any of the things they were looking for (the “C” word had been mentioned again but has now been pretty definitively ruled out). In this case negative is a good thing. We still don’t really know what caused Dennis’s system to crash in mid-August, but he seems to have finally bounced back from it. He continues to eat his new kibble, and while he hasn’t gained back all the weight he lost, and probably won’t, he is bouncing around in the 45 pound range, which will do. He’s back to shredding cardboard at every opportunity and snorgling the cats when he’s in the mood, so for now, at least, all is well in the animal kingdom here. Well, except for the Madagascar rainbow fish that died a few weeks ago. C’est la vie.

17 Comments on “Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Clothes Pile Blanket

  1. No wonder you need a rest, Dennis, after all the medical investigations. That cardboard is evil, along with toilet rolls. They are out to get us. Gilly and Hedy are so pleased you are feeling a tad better!
    Wiggly waggly tails.


  2. Any time the “C” word is a negative is a grand time!!! We hope Dennis is able to maintain his weight and maybe even pick up a few pounds. Phantom always struggled to gain so we were always happy to hear his weight was stable.

    Sorry about Mr. Fishy.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  3. Hey Dennis! Good for you for feeling better, eating better and ask Dada if he can’t stop at Pet City and find some sub for the cardboard. Hope you stay well and happy for a long time and The Hippie Dippie Kitties should help that. Love and Hugs, Jo who is missing Stella a bunch!


  4. We are so very happy to hear the C word has been ruled out Dennis! Keep on Snorgling!
    Arty and Jakey


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