The Anti-Ant League


Dennis: “Before we start today’s meeting, I would like to thank Spicoli for picking up donuts.”
Vermin: “HISSS! You say that like you think the stoner dog is going to share!”
Spicoli: “Of course I’ll share. You guys can split the toasted coconut one.”

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Wordless Wednesday: Mad Scientist


Dada’s Note: Dennis’s IBD crisis from over the summer appears to be over; he is eating his hydrolyzed food more or less consistently and has gained back most of the weight he lost, and his fur — which had become patchy again — is growing in nicely. We’ve been able to wean him off some of the medications he started taking during the flare-up. At this point his biggest problem is his hip dysplasia, which has been described as “end stage”, meaning he basically has no cushioning left in his hips at all. Surgery isn’t an option, but he has been going for weekly cold laser and acupuncture (the picture above is from one of his sessions), and we’re looking into some other treatments that have been suggested. We’re also trying to find a place where he can do the underwater treadmill without having to see scary dogs through the transparent glass. Dennis offers a big “thank yoo to all my nice reederz!!!” for their purrs, tail wags, and Power of the Paw!

its the sunday awards and meem show hipster kitties edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? my old frend sharkbytes hoo wuz the mama of my old frend maggie the vizsla hoo lukd like my old brother tucker the vizsla has given me a liebster award!!!


and yoo no wot an award meens an award meens its time for a sunday awards and meem show!!! chek it owt!!!

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