What Else Is In A (Nick) Name?

Years ago, after confusing our vet by referring to Trouble the Kitty as “Trudy”, I did a post listing all the various nicknames for all our various animals. Dennis was a relatively new addition at the time, and didn’t have very many nicknames; now he has more, although many are just variations of the same one. (Of course, it’s likely that no one will ever have as many nicknames as Tucker did.) And the Hipster Kitties have already acquired a few themselves. So for everyone’s edification, here’s the current set of nicknames to which the animals may or may not answer.

Real Name: Dennis


  • D-Man (this is the only one of his original nicknames that has survived to the present day)
  • Denny or Denny-Boy
  • Boo or Boo-Dog or Ba-Boo or Itty-Boo
  • Moo or Moo-Dog or Mr. Moo
  • Mister (inherited from Tucker)
  • The Boy (also inherited from Tucker)

Real Name: Charlee


  • Kitty (of course)
  • Charlee-Cakes
  • Kit-Kit or (less frequently) Kit-Kat*
  • Hipster
  • Skunk (for obvious reasons)

Real Name: Chaplin


  • Kitty (of course)
  • Kit-Kat or (less frequently) Kit-Kit*
  • Chap-Chap or Chappie or Chappie-Chap-Chap
  • Hipster
  • Dog
  • Tucker**

Dennis will respond to pretty much any name you call him, but do the cats respond to their nicknames? No, not really. They do respond to their real names, though. Which is pretty much the best you can hope for, with a cat.

* Officially, Chaplin is Kit-Kat and Charlee is Kit-Kit. But sometimes one forgets.
** We remain convinced that Chaplin is Tucker reincarnated as a cat.

17 thoughts on “What Else Is In A (Nick) Name?

  1. You call Chaplin Tucker, because you believe he is reincarnated as a cat. It is so amazing, I understand it so well. Our cat Viiru died some years ago, we were missing him so terrible much. About two months later a tuxedo cat walked in our yard. I was sitting on the steps and that cat just came to sit on my lap. We tried to find his home, nobody have seen him earlier, noboby missed him and he just stayed in our yard. So he came in and never wanted to go out. He does everything just like Viiru. So we named the cat Kosmo, and you know him.

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  2. I was an innocent but feisty child in an other life, this one I’m an old woman fighting the incorrect notion someone had that Trump could be a good president. Yes, I do wonder what the next life will be!

    Jo, (just visiting) with Trixie and Stella North of the Bridge, ZKhat still sleeping!

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  3. Nicknames are always fun. Mom calls me “Bug” a lot. Other names have fallen by but it seems that “Bug” is the one that is enduring the test of time. Stanley is called “Big Boy” cuz compared to me he is a giant.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  4. Very creative nicknames. We think D-Man is perfect for Dennis:)

    Mom calls Timber Shadow because he is always right there with her.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  5. Chaplin must like his noms and knows how to get them ;-)…We are thinking Rosy may have a bit of Tucker in her too!!
    Jakey and Arty


  6. Mew mew mew Ba-Boo!!! Oh Dennis not you all so???
    Yesterday LadyMum called mee her Ba-Boo an then later her sweet Boo-Boo…mee looked ‘ask-ance ‘ at her…..must have been thee ‘seizey’ what affected her brain! 😉
    Nickynamess are fun tho’.
    Mine are: Littul Man; Duderss; Sir; Sirzee; Dharth Vader an now Boo-Boo……
    Hu’manss are heelareeus!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

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  7. Hi D-Man! I’m Lucy Lou and Luuuuuuuu-cy (the first part said in a high falsetto). Dad called me Lucifer once and in return got the evil eye from my Mom. Love and wiggles, Lucy


  8. Cats respond best to the sound of a treat container opening. Thank you for the kind words you left on the loss of my Phoebe. XO


  9. It’s funny how many nicknames we give our pups. We also have been calling Millie “Steffi” who is one of her angel sisters as we think she is possessed by Steffi’s spirit (in a good way of course).


  10. Those are some excellent nicknames, and Dennis is very clever to come to any name, because there is a much better chance of treats! Hedy’s nickname is HedyHedyHedy and Gilly’s is Gilly-is-a-good-girl.


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