Observed Around The House

Charlee: “The cat is my favorite character.”
Chaplin: “Mine too!”

Spicoli: “Those dudes were tripping on catnip during this scene.”
Mr. Nibbles: “What makes you say that, Mr. Spicoli?”
Spicoli: “Because I sold it to th―Uhhh, I mean, no reason. Forget I mentioned it.”

Charlee: “Oh my gosh! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see what happens next, Chaplin!”
Chaplin: “What’s that big black thing?”
Mouse: “That is a bear.”
Dennis: “Aaaaiiieee! Teddy Ruxpin! Run away!”
Mouse: “It’s not Teddy Ruxpin, Dennis, it’s just a regular bear.”
Dennis: “Aaaaiiieee! A bear! Run away!”

But Then …

Charlee: “I’m confused. Did the bear turn into an ant? How did we get to the desert? Where did the cat go? This is very sloppy editing.”
Spicoli: “Those giant ants were totally tripping on aphid nectar for this whole movie.”
Dennis: “Aaaaiiieee! Them! Run away!”
Ants: “Oh yeah! That’s more like it! Go, ants, go!”

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