Wildfire Friday: Sleeping Safe and Sound

Dennis resting up at a friend’s house after last night’s run from the Lilac Fire. (The hipster kitties are chilling out in the other room.)

23 Comments on “Wildfire Friday: Sleeping Safe and Sound

  1. Thank goodness you’re all OK. Mom and I say prayers every day for our friends and others near the fires. We think you are very brave. Stay safe.

    Love and licks,


  2. We are glad you are all OK, and we hope your home is OK too. Stay safe.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  3. wishing you 4 & 2 leggeds rest & loving support!
    i have many friends in San Diego County
    who are effected by flames & smoke 😦


  4. You look comfy Dennis, the Visla Dog. Hope that awful fire stays away from your house. We’ll worry about you till your back home.


    • hello carol mae wy its dennis the vizsla dog hay owr home is ok the wind ternd yesterday and part of today and they wer aybel to git sum kontaynment on the fire!!! we will be going home tomorro!!! ok bye

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  5. Glad to know you and your family were able to escape, Dennis! Scary times! Glad to hear the wind has turned and containment is in process.

    ~Mrsbearfoot (Lindy)


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