it starts with a yelp!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as my frends wot ar on the faysebuk may hav herd alreddy on munday i hert myself trying to jump onto the bed i eeven yelpd for like the first time ever and then i cud not put enny wayt on my left leg and so krool krool mama and dada tuk me in for xrays!!! i got to ware trixies kool handels on akkownt of i cud not wawk on my owtchie leg so that was nice i cud preetend to be brayv like trixie but on the other hand the vetnameez peepul yoozed my handel to strap me into a gurnee and kerry me off to the xray tortcher masheen!!!

yoo ar kidding with this rite??? rite???
this is what i think of yoo and yore stretcher

the xrays lukd like evrything wuz ok and so i got an ekstra lazer treetmint on my hips and i got sum nice noo happy pilz and i wuz sent home wich is of korse ware i wanted to be in the first playse!!!

i may be strappd in but i am stil kool chek owt my shayds
dont yoo wish yoo had shayds like this dada???
oh yeah yoo shoor do

so we thawt after that i wood just need to tayk it eezy for a littel wile until my leg felt better however the nekst day dada got a call frum the vet wot sed that the radiolodjee speshalust had spotted sumthing on the xrays wot needed ferther investigayshun and so off we went to the speshultee vet for a see tea scan i do not no why it is kalld that wen i did not see enny tea their but wotever!!! it is all jargon!!! ennyway i wuz kind of nervus wayting for my tern in the see tee masheen as i tried to eksplayn to dada by way of wagging my tail and giving him kisses but krool krool dada stil did not tayk me home!!!

so the vetnameez peepul tuk me to there see tea skan tortcher deevice and did there witchcraft and wel the nooz wot kaym bak wuz not the graytest in fakt if their wuz an opposit of graytest nooz this wood pritty mutch be it

so now tooday we ar wayting for the sytolodjee to come bak wel by we i meen mama and dada becuz to be onnest i hav alreddy forgottin all abowt it on akkownt of i am bak home ware i am suppozed to be so as far as i am konsernd all is rite with the wurld!!! plus luk i am a verry sweet payshent that has to cut sum ice with santa claus rite??? ennyway i wil let evrywun no how things ar lukking wunse the sytolodjee comes bak!!! ok bye

25 thoughts on “it starts with a yelp!!!

  1. So very sorry to hear this Dennis. Wishing the specialist had better news. Thinking of you and your dada and mama and sending extra hugs from us two-leggers and extra kisses from the four-leggers.


  2. Those are some pretty fabulous licky kisses and tail wags. You look very cool in your doggy goggles. Gilly and Hedy send wiggly waggly tails and hope you are all having lots of fun while you wait for the vet. XXOXX


  3. I just couldn’t click “like” on this one since I am sitting here swearing. May all the tests come back “normal.” Lots of love and prayers (when I get done saying sh*t).


  4. Dang it! I hope your tests come back okay…my paws are crossed. You rock in those glasses, Dude! And ICE CREAM!!! COOL! Still my paws are crossed for good news for you! Boomer


  5. EEEKKKK!!! Dennis what iss it about this week??? You herted yur leg an mee gotted Pancreatitis!!! PHOOEY!!!
    Mee iss endin dubbull POTP to you mee deer furend! Pawss crossed what efurr thee Cee Tee scan findss can bee fixed. An those shadess are thee kewlest
    Pleeze feel better soon mee furend.
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXXx


  6. I think you were very brave at both doctors, D. Mom and I said prayers for you, so we know you will be feeling fine soon. I think giving your dada so many kisses is always a safe bet. Plus it’ll make him feel better when he has to pay the bill. OK. Bye.

    Love and licks,


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