NASA Canasta

Senator #1: “Mr. Vizsla, are you sure we can’t get you some bottled water or a snack that’s not served in a dog food bowl?”
Dennis: “Well, since you’re offering …”

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Caturday Matinee: The Muffin Man

Dada’s Note: Dennis has now had a week of mostly solid “deposits” and continues to eat (nay, demand!) his new food, so we are hopeful that he has gotten past his latest IBD flareup. He continues to get around well, generally without showing signs of discomfort, so for now we remain satisfied that he doesn’t know something seriously wrong is brewing in his hip, even though we do. His next oncology followup is in a couple of weeks, and we are monitoring him closely for any signs of progression in the disease. (It’s not an easy job sometimes, being the human …)

Caturday Matinee: Late for Dinner


Dada’s Note: Thank you all for the Power of the Paw! Yesterday evening and again early this morning, Dennis deposited his first solid, decent-looking “contributions” to the backyard in days. Here’s hoping he has turned the corner on his latest flareup of IBD and can get back to gaining weight and feeling better from his radiation therapy.