Mr. V Goes To Washington


Speaker: “… and the next order of business will be a confirmation for the new nominee for Director of NASA, one Dennis T. Vizsla. Mr. Dennis T. Vizsla, come on down!”


(“Price is Right” theme music playing)
Speaker: “Mr. Vizsla is an expert on space, alien lifeforms, energy, and tail-wagging.”


(“Price is Right” theme music playing)
Speaker: “His hobbies include sleeping, eating, sleeping, barking, shredding cardboard, sleeping, licking, and macrame.”


(“Price is Right” theme music playing)
Speaker: “If Mr. Vizsla can demonstrate his qualifications, or at least guess the size of the donation enough Senators would like without going under, he may be our next Director of NASA!”


(“Price is Right” theme music playing)
Speaker: “So let’s have a big round of applause for our next contestant!”

Meanwhile …


Dennis: “Thanks for asking me to come to Washington! Hey I was waiting in the hallway for a long time and I really had to pee. So ummmm you might want to replace that potted plant near the entrance.”
Producer Smurf: “Well Dennis sure is off to a smurfy start! I’m sure they’ll smurf him the position in record time!”
Mouse: “I knew letting Dennis go to these hearings without an escort was a mistake.”
Vermin: “HISSS! I’m going to need the big bowl of mealworms to snack on while watching these hearings! Ha ha ha ha!”
Spicoli: “I hope Dennis remembers to always bid one dollar over the next highest bidder.”

18 thoughts on “Mr. V Goes To Washington

  1. Annnnnd….once again, we have a more qualified being for the job than any of the schmidiots nominated. Because he’s so qualified, I unfortunately don’t have high hopes for him being confirmed. Perhaps Smurf should have applied.


  2. We bet Dennis is the reason the Senate decided to end the government shutdown. Go Dennis!!!
    Jakey Arty & Rosy


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