NASA Canasta

Senator #1: “Mr. Vizsla, are you sure we can’t get you some bottled water or a snack that’s not served in a dog food bowl?”
Dennis: “Well, since you’re offering …”

One trip to the West Coast later …

Senator: “All right, let’s get started. Mr. Vizsla, we’ve been told that you’re an expert on space. Can you elaborate on that?”
Dennis: “Well, when I sleep I can curl myself up into a tiny little ball the size of a melon, or I can sprawl out so there’s no room for anyone else in a king sized bed. I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t an expert on space.”
Other Senator #1: “I don’t think that’s the kind of space NASA deals with.”
Other Senator #2 (talking over Other Senator #1): “It’s not your turn to talk.”

Senator: “That’s an excellent point. Now, I also see that you claim to be an expert on alien life forms? Can you explain what you mean by that?”
Dennis: “Oh sure. Right now my two best friends are cats. In fact I’ve lived with four cats over the years. When you’re a dog, there’s nothing more alien than a cat. So there you go. Expert.”
Other Senator #1: “Cats hardly count as aliens. They are native to Earth after all.”
Other Senator #2 (talking over Other Senator #1): “Cats could be from outer space. You can’t prove they’re not.”

Senator: “That convinces me. Moving on, can you tell us what makes you an expert on energy, its production, and its use?”
Dennis: “Vizsla.”
Other Senator #1 (reading sign Dennis is holding up): “‘San Canine de Vizsla, Patron Saint of Perpetual Motion.’ Well, I guess I can’t argue with that.”
Other Senator #2: “Neither can I. Wait, did we just agree on something?”

Senator: “Very good. Decorum prevents me from asking about your expertise in tail-wagging. But I think we’ve all heard enough to confirm you for the position.”
Dennis: “Excellent! Are you going to give me some green papers now?”
Senator: “What do you mean, green papers? Are you talking about a green card?”
Dennis: “Green card? Is that like a credit card? Sure, I’ll take one of those!”
Security Officer: “The leadership heard that you two agreed on something. I’m here to take you to the lab for brain-wiping.”
Other Senator #1: “Not again.”
Other Senator #2: “I just hope they remember to put our brains back in this time.”

Meanwhile …

Ron Burgundy: “In a stunning development, the new nominee for NASA Director was repatriated to Hungary after asking the Senate for a green card.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Poor Mr. Dennis didn’t even get to finish his In-n-Out Burger before they hauled him away.”
Spicoli: “Does this mean we’ll be staging a mission to Hungary now to get Dennis back?”
Vermin: “HISSS! Ha ha ha! That hearing went even better than I was hoping! I laughed so hard that meal worms came out my nose!”
Mouse: “Only Dennis could get himself deported to a country he isn’t from, because of things he said while getting evaluated for a job he isn’t qualified for, under laws that don’t even apply to him.”
Producer Smurf: “Well that was the least smurfy interview I’ve ever seen, and I was there the time Gargamel smurfed himself with blue paint and interviewed for the position of Papa Smurf’s assistant. Mind you, Gargamel was still a smurfier fit for the position than Brainy Smurf.”

16 thoughts on “NASA Canasta

  1. We can only assume that your buddy Bugs speaks Hungarian…. Deporting you seems a bit harsh, but on the other hand, we think you’ve got some time to sneak back in to the States before “the Wall” appears (besides, didn’t Pink Floyd stop touring ages ago?!?). BTW, we thought you handled the question about energy perfectly (we sincerely doubt the Hipsters could have answered that question in the same way).

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


  2. Oh nose, Denis is stuck in Hungary???? He must be starving poor fella…we must organise a rescue and red cross foodables parcel!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  3. I hope Dennis doesn’t get hungry in Hungary….Hopefully the hipster kitties can stage a break out!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy


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