14 thoughts on “Caturday Matinee: A Day At The Office

  1. We hope Dada gets paid by the number of pets he gives every day. If so he would be very rich. Our mom thinks that is the best way to work. When she worked at our local humane society she often had a cat living in her office and had to work just like your dada does.

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  2. We are going to tell our Dad he has it all wrong – if he wants to earn more money, he needs to get paid by the number of pet strokes he can give and not by the hour:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  3. Mee-you Mistur Dada yur AMAZIN!!! How did you do so much werk an stroke Charlee so much?? Best video EFURR!! An Charlee yur Dada iss thee bestest!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx


  4. Oh, the Dada, your day is so much less stressful since you have an assistant like Charlee. I wish my Patzy could de-stress me like your kitty does as I tend to work as fast as this super fast video shows you working. (Seriously, I have a problem of doing too much multi-tasking, even though I make few mistakes, it is exhausting to be super-person at the office). But alas, my office is a dog lovers office and they don’t understand the calming healing power of cats! Great video! Luvz, Juliea, Patzy’s mommy


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