Aces High

Spicoli: “Dude, is it just me or does your gadget look an awful lot like a flux capacitor?”
Mouse: “It’s not just you. The flux capacitor sets up a small time oscillation inside the slot machine which allows me to control the output of its processor, thus allowing me to override the pseudo-random number generator and control the icons that it outputs.”
Spicoli: “Oh, okay. Wait, what?”
Mouse: “I’ll make it go back and forth in time so I can cheat at slots.”
Spicoli: “Oh, okay. Cool.”

Mouse: “Okay, everything is ready to go. Mr. Nibbles, is the coast still clear?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Yes, security is chasing Dennis and the Hipsters all over the casino, but they’re not coming this way yet.”
Mouse: “Okay, good. Producer Smurf, if you would drop one of your coins in the machine, we can―”
Producer Smurf: “Really? After you smurfed me out of the basket, you think I’m going to smurf you a coin?”
Mouse: “Why did you even come back if you’re not going to help?”
Producer Smurf: “Smurf you what, I still have some smurfcoin left over from paying the turtle. I’ll smurf you one of those.”

Momentarily …

Mouse: “This is a mushroom.”
Producer Smurf: “No it’s not. It’s a smurfcoin.”
Mouse: “I see. And what is a smurfcoin, exactly?”
Producer Smurf: “A mushroom. But a very smurfy and valuable mushroom.”
Mouse: “Okay. And what makes a mushroom a valuable smurfcoin instead of just a mushroom?”
Producer Smurf: “My saying it’s valuable.”
Mouse: “That’s not how money works!”
Spicoli: “Dude, that is exactly how money works.”
Mouse: “Well be that as it may, I still can’t use a mushroom to play this slot machine.”
Producer Smurf: “It’s not a mushroom. It’s a smurfcoin.”
Mr. Nibbles: “There they go around the other side of the keno tables!”

Producer Smurf: “Hey! No eating the smurfcoin!”
Mouse: “Spicoli, what are you doing?”
Spicoli: “Jfft verifymng the smmfcn blockchmmn.”
Mouse: “The ‘smurfcoin’ is a mushroom. You don’t need to verify the blockchain.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Okay, guys, now they’re heading this way …”

Dennis: “Watch out! Dog and cats coming through! Oh, hi guys.”
Mouse: “Dennis! Watch out for the flux capacitor!”

Suddenly …

And then …

Spicoli: “Whoa, dude, what kind of mushrooms are you putting on your blockchain?”
Producer Smurf: “It smurfs me out every time you smurf that thing with your eyes through those sunglasses?”
Gilligan: “Have you two seen a couple of cats riding on a dog? Also, didn’t we used to have a slot machine here?”

Meanwhile (sort of) …

Mr. Nibbles: “Friend mouse, I think your device set the slot machine on fire.”
Dennis: “Did I just destroy something?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Only my flux capacitor.”
Dennis: “Yes! I’ve still got the touch!”
James Bond: “This smoke screen is exactly what I need to cover my escape.”

13 Comments on “Aces High

  1. Darn it, D. Mom wishes we had a flux capacitor for when she plays the lottery. Or maybe she wishes Yolanda Vega had one. Anyway, we want to win money!

    Love and licks,


  2. Looks like things have just taken an interesting turn! We can’t wait to see what’s next!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy


  3. OMC…we hope this will work out fine, Dennis, looks like 007 is the only one who sees the bright side of this slot machine…ka chingggg…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a lucky day 🙂 ❤


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