there bak agin!!! agin!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mimmier and grandpa and awntie ar bak for another vizzit to temporarily eskayp the mithikal land of endless winter!!! i meen noo york!!! charlee and chaplin hav vetted them and aproovd them as not beeing aks murderers and in faky charlee has eeven playd fetch with them!!! i am pritty shoor she is a dog!!! ennyway of korse having theez vizziters meenz that dada wil probly be too bizzy to help me blog for a kuple of weeks on akkownt of he is sutch a slakker so their may be a breef interrupshun befor we finish up my adventchoors in the past with old james bond i stil hav not figgerd that wun owt but the time spayse kontinyooum is a misteeryus thing!!! preevyusly skedjoold wurdless wensdays and throwbak thersdays and caturday matinays wil kontinyoo to apeer tho hay way to plan ahed on evrybuddys posts but mine dada!!!

ennyway speeking of the time spayse kontinyooum heer is a blast frum the past yes its a klassik greeting for mimmier and grandpa and awntie frum wen the vizzitted me and tucker and trixie in days gawn bye!!! tayk it away past me!!! ok bye

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay we has visitterz!!!


amazingly enuf despite my efferts to roo and friten them off they just kame inside and mayd themselvs at home!!! i dont now how this wil affekt my ongoing operayshuns sutch as trying to defeet the gofers and finding the missing purse and sayving the wurld form the asteroyd and ketching up on visitting my frends but we wil see!!!

“We’re number one! We’re number one!”
“People! Oh boy!”
“There had best be treats in one of those bags.”


Joyous Reunion!


The windup …
Swing and a miss!

hmm i gess theez visitters ar not so skarry after all!!!


ok bye

17 thoughts on “there bak agin!!! agin!!!

  1. So fun, D. I like how you hung back for a while and then came outta nowhere, in case of danger from the visitors. I am happy they brought gifts instead of danger. I hope they are carrying good surprises for this visit, too! Have fun!

    Love and licks and OK, bye,


  2. Have a lovely time with your visitors and we expect you will be extra extra spoiled. Gilly and Hedy like to present toys when visitors come too, and woofing, woofing is good. Trixie had a very waggly tail! Wiggly waggly tails from Gilly and Hedy.


  3. OMD, Dennis, what FUNS!!!! Looks like they are gonna be pawsome to play with, and mow down…um…I MEAN, play with! ☺
    Tell us all abouts it, and I likes the pics and videos too….
    Ruby ♥


  4. We remember those videos and how much fun they were. We hope you all have a wonderful family time together. We will be here when you get back to your wild adventures:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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