Back to the Past

James Bond: “Who’s a good puppy? Who’s a cute puppy? Who? Who?”
Dennis: “Me?”
James Bond: “That’s right! And who deserves a head pat and a chin skritch?”
Dennis: “Also me?”
James Bond: “That’s right!”
Mouse: “Sure sure, Dennis is awesome. Now can you explain who you are and why you insisted on leaving the flux capacitor burning while we retreated to this retro 80s arcade nook?”
Charlee: “Look at the moving things, Chaplin!”
Chaplin: “I’m looking, Charlee!”
Mr. Nibbles: “Whee! I’m Bullitt!”

Dennis: “Can we talk more about what a good boy I am?”
James Bond: “My name is Bond. James Bond. As for your gadget, the smoke is providing cover so they can’t find us. And as for this arcade … Retro? My dear mouse, this arcade is state of the art.”
Mouse: “State of the art? Yeah right. Maybe in 1986.” (beat) “Oh crap.”
Charlee: (chattering)
Chaplin: “Meow mew mew mew *chatter*”
Mr. Nibbles: “Whee! I’m Ricky Bobby!”

Dennis: “You’re James Bond? You look older than before. Is it stress on account of I ate your winning hand of cards?”
James Bond: “My dear chap, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Mouse: “Say, Mr. Bond, could you tell me what year it is?”
James Bond: “You said it yourself. It’s 1986.”
Hipster Kitties: (both meowing and chattering)
Mr. Nibbles: “Whee, I’m Smokey!”
Bandit: “Don’t you mean you’re The Bandit, little buddy?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Not all of us around here aspire to be criminals, Mr. Bandit.”

Mouse: “Nice going, Dennis. You not only destroyed the flux capacitor, you created a time warp.”
Dennis: “Oh, is that why Mr. Bond looks so old now? Because I sent us to the future?”
James Bond: “I say, what do you mean I ‘look so old now’? We’ve never met!”
Mouse: “I can’t explain why your friend looks so ancient now, Dennis, but this is the past. 1986 was before 2018.”
James Bond: “Could we please all stop talking about how old I look?”
Dennis: “But 86 is bigger than 18.”
Mouse: “You can’t just go by the last two numbers, Dennis. They wrap around every 100 years.”
Computer Nerd: “Whoa, that mouse is right. We need to change all our date logic. Well, there’s plenty of time. No need to worry about it yet.”
Charlee: “Keep scratching, Chaplin, we’ll catch those things eventually!”
Chaplin: “This is starting to remind me of the evil red dot that taunted us that one time, Charlee.”
Bandit: “Darndest thing I ever heard. I thought everyone wanted to be the Bandit.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Whee, I’m a random maniac on the 405!”

13 thoughts on “Back to the Past

  1. Thompson… Bacon Thompson is my name. I love me some James Bond of any magnitude…. and any kind of PacMan. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


  2. Time travel, Dorito-induced haze, something. Whatever it is, Mom wants to go with Khyra in the Bullitt Mustang!

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur

    PeeEss The watery tub of doom is actually pretty awesome – no pesky siblings to steal tennis balls, and the water is all warm, and the massage part totally rocks!


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