its a happy hipsterversary!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot happend wun yeer ago??? a kuple of feral hipster kitties arrived frum the sandy eggo hyoomayn sosietee!!! they wer riding in there hipstermobile by wich i meen a littel cat kerryer chek it owt!!!

their reely ar too hipster kitties in heer if yoo luk klosely enuf!!!

now the hipsters wer teknikly heer as fosters just like i wuz wunse heer as a foster but of korse if yoo no ennything abowt my mama and dada yoo no that wen they foster an animal they jenerally dont giv it bak!!! lukkily for me ha ha ha!!! but in this kayse the arrayndjmint wuz foster to adopt wich ment that as long as we all got along it wuz always intended that the hipsters wood be staying so eeven tho april ateteenth is not ofishally wen they got there permanint rezzidensy paypers we ar going to call it there gotcha day becuz of korse it did wurk owt and they did stay!!!

mmmmm bruntch!!!

beefor the hipsters arrivd mama had the ideea of playing awwwwwdio wile i wuz eeting of the hipsters meowing this wuz awwwwwdio wot mama and dada reekorded wen they went to meet the hipsters and i think it is kalld awwwwdio on akkownt of partway thru it yoo kan heer dada saying awwww becuz the hipsters ar just that kyoot!!! and wunse they did arrive they stayd in the so kalld kitten rum for a fyoo weeks wile they setteld in!!! and they also got to keep there bloo cat kerryer too sinse they liked to sleep inside it!!!

charlee is the princess of all she survays!!! and also wot she duznt survay!!! basikly she is the princess of evrything!!!

wile reeziding in the kitten rum the hipsters wer vizzited thruowt the day by mama or dada or frendly naybors wot wanted to see the kitties that way the kitties kind of got yoozed to seeing peepul wot wernt mama or dada!!!

first we eets and then we sleeps on dadas lap!!!


praktissing for fyootcher sleeping on top of eetch other aktiviteez!!!


kitty power!!! word!!!

the former so-kalld puppy cam wuz repurpussd into the kitty cam so that dada cud monitor the hipsters wile no vizzitting wuz in progress!!! sum of theez rekordings hav ben preeservd for posteriority!!! they mostly involv skampering and sleeping and then mor skampering and then mor sleeping!!!

zzzZZzzzZZzzzz …

eventchooally of korse the hipsters had to be introdoosd to me yores trooly dennis the vizsla dog on akkownt of i wuz the wun wot had to deeside if they wer skarry or not!!! first i met them thru the door of the kitten rum and then owt in the living rum wile they wer in an ex pen and finaly we wer all loose toogether!!! the hole time i wuz beeing introdoosd to the hipsters i got lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of treets hay hmmm mama and dada maybe we shud git mor kittens??? or at leest mor treets???

we ar number wun kitty klimers!!! hi five!!!
mowntaneering is hard wurk time to nap!!!

hay no no no mama and dada i sed treets not trees!!! wel ennyway the long and kayrful introdukshun prossess wurkd just fine and the hipsters ar not afrayd of me or of mutch of ennything else and i am not afrayd of them altho i am afrayd of pritty mutch evrything else!!! like ninja hedjhogs!!! so yeah the hipsters ar my noo best frends eeven if they hav sum sort of witchcraft abilitee to git to imposibly reemote lokayshuns!!!

i kan see into the lawndry hampster frum heer and yoo reely need to do a wash!!!

i cud not posibly pik a fayvrit hipster kitty on akkownt of they ar both the bestest kitties ever however chaplin is my fayvrit hipster kitty we ar all pritty shoor he is tucker reinkarnayted as a cat!!!

i wuz espeshly happy to hav the hipsters with me wen we ran away frum the skarry lilac fire!!! i wuz skayrd at first wen we got to mama and dadas frends howse in the mithikal sitty of antihistamine but wunse i saw the hipsters wer their i figgerd it wood be okay on akkownt of the entire famly yoonit wuz their!!!

hiding frum the lilac fire but we dont kayr becuz we hav both hipsters their!!!

eeven tho my helth hasnt ben so grayt the past siks or ayt munths it has stil ben fun to hav the hipsters arownd for me to snif and to do verry helpful hipster kitty things arownd the howse!!!

charlee wuz trying to help dada edit his buk but i gess it wuz so boring it put her rite to sleep!!!
just becuz i told yoo to do the lawndry duznt meen i am going to stand idly by wile yoo try to put it away!!!

so heers to yoo hipster kitties the best kitty brother and sister an ankshus elderly vizsla dog like myself cud hav!!! and by the way yoo ar always lukking pritty snappy in yore tuksedoz!!!

evry girl krazy for a sharp dressd cat!!!

happy gotchaversary hipster kitties!!! how ar yoo going to sellebrayt??? enny big plans???

oh of korse!!! hipster kitties dooing wot they do best!!! ha ha ok bye

23 thoughts on “its a happy hipsterversary!!!

  1. Dennis, my friend, you have two very smart pawrents and two very good friends in the hipster kitties. I remember the whole story as it happened. 🙂 Love to you all.


  2. Happy Gotchaversary Hipsters! Dennis, you are SO brave to allow those kittehs to run loose in you house. But, you seem to have a very good relationship with them (and they seem to make nice pillows), and they realize you are in charge – so harmony in the House of Dennis!

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


  3. Happy Gotcha Day to the hipsters. We have to say the Mama and Dada made a great choice and did a superb job getting those kitties to know how to act with a dog:) And you, Dennis – you amaze us!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  4. What a great story, D. I am very happy that the kitties are not afraid of you. You are a pretty big boy compared to them. More importantly I’m happy you are not afraid of them. I’m pretty sure if kitties moved in here, I’d live under Mom’s bed forever. Like you, I am also pretty much afraid of everything. All in all, you are a perfect and perfectly cuddly family together. xoxo Happy Gotcha Day, kitties.

    Love and licks,


  5. It was very kind of you to take in not one but two kitties! I do hope you continue to get along with each other. Hipsters take a bit of understanding but are usually worth it.


  6. WOO HOO!!! Happy 1st Annie-versary Charlee an Chaplin!!! Yur both so luvley an sweet an wee re glad yur there to take care of Denniss an his Pawentss!
    Have a wunderfull day! An do what efurr youss’ want!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx


  7. Happy Cat-iversary Dennis and the Hipster Kitties, love Gilly and Hedy.pS Gilly got lots f treats when the new puppy Hedy Lamarr came, and we has nice cuddly towels that smelled of each Labrador to get them used to each other!


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