11 thoughts on “Throwback (Dennis & Trixie) Thursday: Redecorating

  1. Wow Dennis! I have to admire your perseverance! I have discovered that some destructive deeds take a long tine to carry out. But you stuck with it! I notice Trixie decided to take the safe way out and make it look like she was asleep the whole time! Good job, bro!
    Your friend, Foster 🐱🐼


  2. Back in the seventies my husband brought home a Red Setter. He was gorgeous. We left him in the living room while we went out for a short time. When we returned we found the room in a similar condition to yours! Never again! We lost all our LPs, our lounge (stuffing was everywhere), curtains were pulled down; it was a mess. Not the dogs fault; we learned, very quickly!
    I can smile now, but then… Not quite! 😀


  3. Oh no, that is so wicked but we all jumped when the scary ting happened. Poor Dennis, his tail was between his legs. Tricia took it all in her stride!


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