a skolarly treetis on how dennis the vizsla dog is dooing by dennis the vizsla dog!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo probly reemember i hav had a fyoo ummm noo helth challendjes in the last yeer or so on top of the hart murmer wot i hav had for a wile!!! so i think it is abowt time for an updayt on how i am feeling!!!

how am i feeling??? i am feeling rather artistikly filterd!!!

and hoo better to rite that updayt then me dennis the vizsla dog??? nobuddy!!! wel ok maybe my vets but i wood probly hav to pay them but stil i am the nekst best awthoritee on myself chek it owt!!!

now of korse the biggest reesent helth nooz for me wuz the ost … osteo … owtch … owtcheosarcoma in my hip wot wuz fownd unekspektedly in december just after the fire!!! which probly meens that it wuz kawzd by the fire rite??? dada sez that is a lodjikal fallasee but wot duz he no he never yoozed his filosofee degree for ennything!!! wot i hav got is kalld an axial owtcheosarcoma on akkownt of it is in my elvis the pelvis and not in wun of my lims sutch as my leg or my other leg or my other leg or my other leg on the wun hand that is bad on akkownt of the toomer kannot be reemoovd or ampyootayted or killd with the raydeeayshun but on the other hand axial owtcheosarcomas are not as aggressiv as the kind of owtcheosarcoma wot mite be fownd in my leg or my other leg or my other leg or my other leg!!! see it is troo i do not hav an agressiv bone in my body!!! the toomer wuz insted treeted with pallyativ raydeeayshun wich is the kind of raydeeayshun wot wants to be yore frend!!! prior to the pallyativ raydeeayshun i had ben kind of hobbling arownd on three legs holding my wun bak leg up in the air but sinse then i hav ben aybel to git arownd with my yoozhual vizsla trot check it owt!

yeah go me!!! i can git on the furnitcher mostly all by myself for my furnitcher therapy and sinse dada tuk the legs off the hyooman bed i can git up and down frum that verry eezily as well!!! wich is all gud becuz i do need my furnitcher therapy!!!

me on the sofa resting my chin in the brain pan of wun of my viktims!!! ummm i meen shayring furnitcher therapy with a stuffie!!!

now wen i got my pallyatv raydeeayshun the anklyosaurolodjist sed that the median servival time for dogs with my kind of owtcheosarkoma wuz siks months!!! we ar now five months owt frum my diagnosis and the anklyosaurolodjist sez that he cud not be mor pleezd with how i am dooing after my treetmint and neether cud mama and dada and me!!! we are all hoping that the raydeeayshun treetmint keeps me feeling gud and trotting arownd the bakyard for menny munths yet to come!!!

now the other big helth nooz wot i got last yeer wuz the diagnosis of inflayshunerry bowl dizeez hmm no wait that wood meen i wuz gitting a bigger fud bowl no its inflayshunerry bowel dizeez hmm no wayt that is not rite eether that wood meen i hav got a big butt like wun of those rappers girlfrends i hav herd abowt now it is inflammatory bowel dizeez or eye beady thats the other thing!!! i wuz diagnosd with that over the summer and an unfortchoonat side effekt of the raydeeayshun treetmint wuz that i had a kuple of pritty seeryus flayr ups of the eye beady on akkownt of the raydeeayshun nockd owt sum of my intestimonial flora!!! wotever that meens!!! but suffice to say that for three or fore weeks i got to yooze the saym soft washcloths and baby wipe warmer wot tucker yoozed to yooze!!! the washing masheen shoor ernd its keep wile that wuz going on!!!


mama and the internalist vetnameez persun tried me on varyus diffrent types of hidrolized and hypoallerdjenik and speshulized fuds and also after konsultayshun with my cardy-o vet deesided that my hart wuz dooing wel enuf that i cud be put on prednisone wich mama sez is the big gun for eye beady it wuz the last thing they tried with my brother tucker just befor the eye beady tuk him over the bridj and things finaly started terning arownd for my deeposits in the yard!!! wen i started mayking solid wuns agin mama and dada wer so happy they tuk pikchers of it hoo noo that solid dog poops cud mayk hyoomans so happy??? i gess it must be sum reely wunnerful poop rite??? so heer is a pikcher of it for all of yoo to enjoy!!!


ha ha ha i am just kidding that is not my poop it is akchooally patrick stewarts poop!!! becuz dada sed i cudnt just throw unekspekted poop in evrywuns fayse on akkownt of this is a sivilized blog!!! but if yoo reely want to see it yoo kan klick on patrick stewart and yoo wil see the pikcher of the poop wot mayd mama and dada so happy!!! yoo hav ben warnd!!!

now yoo may be wundring wot majikal hydrolyzed hypoallerdjenik pixie dust kind of fud it wuz wot finaly setteld my intestinals wel gess wot??? it wuz not enny of that stuf!!! do yoo no wot it wuz??? it wuz pasta and eggs!!!

yes thats rite i am finaly gitting those noodels wot i wuz promissd all those menny yeerz ago!!!

no i hav not got ennything on my nose!!! yoo hav got sumthing on yore nose!!! so their!!!

mama has ben studdying her doggy nootrishun buks wot she got frum the faymus dog nootrishunist monica segal frum the mithikal land of cananda eh??? she has also ben konsulting with the nootrishunist direktly abowt how to supplement my noodel and egg dishes wile she — hay why duz evrywun keep stayring at my nose?!?!

wot do yoo meen i need to wash my fayse???

in addishun to giving me my noodels and eggs strait up mama has also ben blending them and stuffing them into my pickel toys and freezing them!!! this is a verry speshul treet for me the naym of the treet is oh my god dennis stop barking!!! i hily rekomend it for those of yoo wot like pasta and eggs!!!

this is me enjoying a delishus helping of oh my god dennis stop barking!!!

now as it terns owt gitting startid on the prednisone wuz a gud thing for me on akkownt of the prednisone has also ben helping with yet another of my kondishuns and that is the hips displeezya and arthuritis!!! we no this on akkownt of how wen we started to dial it bak a littel i started dooing wot mama kallz the ballerina pose ware i sort of put my bak feet together and toe owt!!! after bumping it bak up i am feeling a lot better and not dooing the ballerina pose wich is gud becuz i did not want to hav to start waring a tutu!!! wich is like a cone of shaym for yore butt i gess!!! and yoo no wot i think of the cone of shaym!!!

i am going to keep singing oh im henry the ayth i am i am until yoo tayk this kone of shaym off my hed!!!

as for my other kondishuns wot hav ben rather longer standing  then theez laytest wuns my hart is in pritty gud shayp sinse adding in the pimobendan in faky my hart murmer has ben downgrayded from class five to class three/four!!! this is wun kayse ware beeing lower class is better!!! and as for my anxiety and noise fobias wile they do stil eksist as wuz preedikted by my beehayvorist a long long time ago i hav finaly started to git a littel hard of heering and that meens that there ar fyoor noyses to be fobiad abowt!!! so insted of wurrying evry time they start blowing stuff up at camp paddington bear insted i offen sleep thru it now!!!

so their yoo hav it i am as they say haynging in their!!! and eeven tho mama and dada no that the toomer in my elvis the pelvis is going to git me if the eye beady duznt git me first, i kind of dont ever reely think abowt things like that on akkownt of i hav stil got a nice soft bed and mamas shirt to sleep on!!!

mamas shirt mayks a grayt chin rest slash slobber soaker!!!

and eeven tho i kannot play my fayvrit sports like fetch ennymor i kan stil watch sports frum the comfort of my own home!!!

yeah that charlee is pritty gud at fetch for a kitty!!! i think i am going to say that i tawt her evrything she nos!!! after all sumbuddy in this howse needs to kerry on the fetch tradishun after i am gawn!!! ok bye

29 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on how dennis the vizsla dog is dooing by dennis the vizsla dog!!!

  1. Mom and I really enjoyed seeing you TROTTING again, Dennis! And WOW! Like WOW! You don’t even act like you feel sick checking the news out in your back yard! You GO! DOG! YOU GO!

    And….Dennis, My Mom thinks you have the cutest nose in the wold world…right up there with mine!

    Sports…I’ve given those up too. That back and forth is hard on the old body!

    Anyway…Mom and I are so happy to see the great strides you are making!

    Boomer and Mom

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great to get an update from you. Typhoon battles IBD, too, except his manifests itself as a full refusal to eat – at all. The prednisone has been a life saver – literally – though we are unable to wean him off of it without him stopping eating. Sigh. Miss Kiska says the best way to play the senior card is to act mopey and then the humans give lots and lots and lots of affection. Best wishes!


  3. Great update, D. I like to see you trotting around the yard without a care in the world. And the hand feeding of the macaroni noodles! *swoon* WOW! That is my dream come true. Once I found some macaroni noodles behind the dumpster at my old house. They were crunchy, but I tried one. Mom said I was a gross pig. #nailed it

    Love and licks,


  4. Holding your own is pretty darn good, Dennis, considering all that your body is fighting. We thank you for the update and hope you DO have many, many more months and months of doing better. Hugs,

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  5. Dennis, along with the foxtrot, I think we will start teaching the Dennistrot at our ballroom dance classes. 🙂 And pasta? Who woulda guessed. I’m really glad you’re feeling better. Keep hanging in there, and we will keep cheering you on! ❤


  6. Aww. We’re sorry about your health challenges but are so glad to see you back writing about your life. It’s great to hear from you. Thanks so much for checking on Sadie. She says tell you to keep on keeping on.


  7. OMD, Dennis this is FABulous news dude! You are moving amazingly well, and you look FABulous! Did I say FABulous??? heheheee I must admit, I do likes the noodles and eggs! I thinks I should tell Ma I needs them too…and the ‘ohmygoddennisstopbarking’ pickle!!! BOL!!!
    Ruby ♥


  8. Oh WOWZERZ Dennis – You iz soundin’so good – gotta great update that we thank-u fer. We Beaglebratz Ladiez an’our mom all watched your videoz – u iz just lookin’so good just trottin’all over the place. We look forward to many more great blog postz frum u.
    Lady Shasta’n Miss Maizie


  9. Oh wow, Dennis, I didn’t know you had radiation therapy and that the usual term for that cancer is 6 months. I am so glad after 5 months you are doing so wells. I hope you are healthy and writing for a very long time. Your posts are fun and you’re a cool dog.


  10. aaww you are so looking good my sweet friend!! I gotta try these noodle things. They sound delicious ❤ Keep up the great work. XOXO – Bacon


  11. Wow Dennis you are doing incredibly well, you are trotting around just pawfectly! Well done fella.
    And as fur pasta and eggs, yum, yum, good choice, they sound delicious!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  12. Hiya Dennis! Glad to see that you are doing well, and you have your humans so well trained that they will cut the legs of the Big Dog Bed so you can get in and out more easily! Our Mom was muttering something about “correlation not implying causality” but as usual, we have No Idea what she’s talking about. (I guess it’s those philosophy people – she pulled out her diploma to get framed after 500 years, and apparently she’s a doctor of philosophy. I thought she studied recreation for statisticians or something, but what do I know?) BTW, as you can see, the watery tub of doom hasn’t swallowed me up yet! 😉

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


  13. What a perfect trot you have Dennis!! We are glad to hear you are feeling pretty good…now who do we talk to about getting some of those noodles???
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy


  14. Mee-you mee deerest furend Dennis this iss a purrty pawsum uppydate. Wee iss so happy thee furendlee raydee-ashun iss werkin an thee Preddy meddy all so!!
    An yur swagger iss back an yur trot iss pawtastick! Yur mee HEE-ROW Dennis!! You have fott thru so many fingss an you nevurr give uppy. An wee luv an adoor you fur that!
    An yur Pawentss are wunderfull all so. They are so dee-voted to you…..
    Fankss fur thee videoss; they made us laff.
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha Henry an {{{hugss}}} LadyMum


  15. Thanks for the update Dennis. We have studied all you have told us and we think that the hooman furniture therapy is what is working for you. We can see a bounce in your step that comes from knowing your daddy will lower beds for you. Keep it up buddy!

    Stopping by for a visit!

    Murphy & Stanley


  16. Marvellous news Dennis, in all the doctory areas. Your mum and dad and the hipster Kittens must be so happy, and the vets too. Your trotting is great and those noodles look delicious. Gilly and Hedy had some macaroni for their dinner tonight. We are so glad to read you are feeling so well!!


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