odds my bodkins!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may reemember bak in the mists of time that is deesember ateteenth twenny seventeen i yelpd and started limping after falling on the floor doo to a faylyoor to lawntch wile gitting onto the bed!!! sinse i am not a yelper or a limper mama and dada tuk me in to the vetnameez playse that saym day ware i got xrays wot ternd up sum suspishus lukking thing in my left hip so i wuz reeferd to the speshulists for sum further testing wot ended up with me beeing diagnosd with an owtcheosarkoma in the left side of my elvis the pelvis!!! sinse the owtcheosarkoma is inoperabul it wuz deesided that the best korse of akshun for me wood be pallyativ raydeeayshun to treet the payn followd by regyoolar monitering and followups to mayntayn my kwality of life so that is wot we did!!! now at the time the anklyosaurolodjists at the kanser treetment senter gayv us sum odds i reemember it perfektly it went just like this!!!


C3PO: “Sir, the odds of a dog surviving six months after a diagnosis of axial osteosarcoma are approximately fifty percent.”
Dennis: “Never tell me the odds!”

so heer we ar now at just abowt the siks munth mark and i am stil dooing pritty wel and enjoying my solar raydeeayshun therapee!!!

i am getting baykd!!! and no not that kind of baykd spicoli!!!

we had a bit of a skayr a fyoo weeks ago wen my resting breething rayt shot up for sevral days and on akkownt of mama and dada ar obsessd with how fast i breethe wen i am sleeping that reezulted in a buntch of trips to the vetnameez playse to chek my hart and my bluds and stuf but none of that ternd up ennything spesifik so mama and dada deesided it wuz probly doo to a jeneral level of diskomfort frum by eye beady or the owtcheosarkoma or both and so they started me on sumthing kalld sea beady oil wich is suppozed to help with that sort of thing!!! at first i got it in frum an i-dropper wich i think is sum kind of appel produkt but that mayd me kind of nawzeayted so then mama figgerd owt she cud put the oil inside a kapsool and then giv me the kapsool and that has wurkd owt mutch better!!! my breething rayt is bak down to ware it wuz befor so that is gud!!!

resting and breething and breething and resting

mama and dada say that i hav always had a gud appetite eeven dooring my eye beady flair ups but sinse starting it abowt a week ago the sea beady oil has helpd with how i wood git an upset tummy after eeting wich mayks me mor willing to eet wen i am hungry!!! i hav gaynd bak several pownds wot i had lost agin dooring my laytest flair up and also they say i hav seemd perkier!!! i am not shoor eksaktly wot perky meens but i think it has sumthing to do with how mutch i yammer becuz yammering is sumthing i do verry wel wen i am feeling gud!!!

see first i yammer and wag my tail then i go to my mat for a cookie!!! that is how its dun!!! in addishun to yammering i am stil up for a nice long snuffel shuffel arownd the bakyard as wel!!!

now i did just a fyoo days ago tweek my leg gitting off the kowtch and i hav ben limping agin a littel but mama is pritty shoor it is on the side withowt the owtcheosarkoma i went in for a laser treetmint wich mayd me feel better altho i stil hav a bit of a limp!!! but that has not slowd me down i am stil gitting arownd wel and am mostly abel to klime up for my fernitcher therapee altho sumtimes it tayks me wun or too tries to mayk it!!!

yoo no it wuz a gud meel wen yoo end up with slobber on yore nose!!!

ennyway mama and dada say that i am on borrowd time but as long as i am perky and tail waggy and happy things ar all rite in my wurld!!! i do not no hoo they borrowd the time frum or how mutch time they borrowd but i suppoze that meens eventchooally they wil hav to giv the time bak!!! i hav herd them say that wen that happens and the owtcheosarkoma starts to be owtchie agin so that i am not happy and tail waggy then it wil be time for me to cross the bridj to see trixie and tucker agin but it is not that time yet!!! wich is gud becuz i stil hav unfinishd items on my to do list as the king of kalifornya!!! ok bye

20 thoughts on “odds my bodkins!!!

  1. We love reading good news and are glad to hear it. Keep defying those odds (because we canines like to defy the humans whenever we can). Oh, and by the way, don’t ignore Spicoli because we understand that kind of baked can be helpful with those owtcheosarkoma treatments.

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  2. Oh! Dennis! I’m so glad you are still doing okay. Although, I admit you made Boomer and I cry some, well, lots really. I know seeing your friends again will be good, but crossing that bridge will be hard on those of us who love you. Anyway, you keep on keeping on…you have a huge fan base. Linda and Boomer

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  3. It sure sounds like you are rolling with the punches, D. Ditto your mom and dada and the Vietnamese guys. Great update! Keep on keeping on. If anybody is meant to defy the odds (never tell me the odds), it’s YOU! #toughcookie OK. Bye.

    Love and licks,

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  4. You just made our day, Dennis. We are so happy to hear that you are doing well. You sure do look perky to us. We are so grateful to the wonderful Mama and Dada you have to give you the very best of good care and beyond!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

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  5. Mee-you Dennis take thee borrowed time fur sure!!! Mee iss so-o ree-lieved thee Sea-Bee-Dee Oil stuff iss werkin an yur doin all rite. Mee was wurried you were icky sicky again…what a ree-leef yur OK. Mee sendss purrayerss an POTP an LadyMum sendss her ❤ LUV ❤ all so.
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

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  6. Oh, Dennis, I hope it will go away in remission and you live a long long time. You sound like you have a happy life which is the most important thing no matter how long or short it is

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  7. Dennis, we are so glad that you are able to keep up with your responsibilities as King of California. Responsibilities help keep us all happy that we can meet them and help keep us feel important so we can stay strong and meet those obligations. All Hail to King Dennis! May he live long and prosper. Luvz, Patzy


  8. I’ll let you run with Tucker and me when you come… I guess you were Tucker’s friend first, but we are like twinsies there. The Spirit of Maggie the Vizsla


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