A Batty Broclamation

Mouse: “Thanks for helping me look for my friend. So you two really like White Castle, huh?”
Kumar: “Well, when the burgers are the size of a dime, you have to buy a lot of them.”
Harold: “Hey, Kumar, there’s our buddy. Pull over and see if he needs a ride.”

Momentarily …

Spicoli: “Hey dudes! Whoa, you’re eating light today. Are you on diets or something? Ha ha ha! Oh hey Mouse.”
Mouse: “Why am I not surprised that you all know each other?”

Spicoli: “So what’s going on? Are we taking a road trip? Where’s Dennis? Usually when we go on road trips, it’s because of one of his crazy schemes.”
Mouse: “Actually, your friends are helping me look for Dennis. Vermin convinced him he’s King of California, and he told Chaplin he was going out to issue some sort of proclamation about burgers. I started at White Castle because I figured Dennis would think it was a real castle, and kings live in castles.”
Spicoli: “Dude, that’s some scary good Dennis logic there. I’m surprised whoever was pretending to be King in the bathroom at In-n-Out Burger didn’t think of going to White Castle.”

Spicoli: “We should probably turn around and go back to In-n-Out Burger, shouldn’t we?”
Mouse: “Yes, yes we should.”

Soon …

Kumar (off-screen): “Check out these freakishly large hamburgers, Harold!”
Spicoli: “Looks like we’re too late, dude. Where else would Dennis go to make a burger-related proclamation?”

Meanwhile …

Dennis: “I want you to change your name to ‘International House of Burgers’ and start calling yourself IHOB.”
ihopb Employee: “IHOB? That’s the stupidest acronym I ever heard. But you seem to be the king, so okay.”

12 thoughts on “A Batty Broclamation

  1. So now we understand that news story we heard the other day about IHOP becoming IHOB. We heard it was an IFLOP:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  2. Snorts with piggy laughter. So that is what happened to the IHOB here. That makes perfect sense now!! Oh Dennis you are the KING! XOXO – Bacon


  3. laughing, I was just at IHOB today. Shakes my head. Whoever thought they’d believe Dennis and start putting up IHOB signs. I think they’ve been smoking something.


  4. Hiya, Dennis! Mom saw something on the news about some dog who had sniffed out a bunch of drugs, and her first thought was that Spicoli must be back on the job (and then decided that Spicoli would have expected more than a squeaky toy for his hard work). Also, does the ‘International’ part of the IHOB mean that you have plans for world domination? Inquiring minds want to know!

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


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