Hi Pan

Lo Pan: “So your names are Miss Charlie and Mr. Chaplin? I am ever so pleased to meet you.”
Charlee: “Look how tall that person is, Chaplin.”
Chaplin: “He’s very tall.”

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happy maybe probly twelfth birthday to me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot tooday is??? tooday is my maybe probly twelfth birthday!!!


Vermin: “You say it’s your birthday! It’s my birthday too! So give me your cake!”
Dennis: “Do I have to?”
Spicoli: “I don’t think that’s how the song goes, dude.”

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The Consulate of China


Spicoli: “Dude, did you steal your Dada’s phone again?”
Dennis: “I never steal Dada’s phone. It’s just that sometimes people leave important messages on it for me and he never passes them along.”
Mouse: “Fake calls from the IRS threatening lawsuits or from people overseas claiming they’ll give you money in exchange for your bacnk account number don’t constitute ‘important messages’, Dennis.”
Dennis: “Sure sure. I’ve learned my lesson about those. But this one isn’t like that. Check it out!”

(Note: This is an actual voice mail from Dada’s phone)

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(Somewhat) Silent Sunday: Graduadiation II

Dennis with some of his fans at Angel Care Cancer Center

Dennis finished up his second course of palliative radiation for osteosarcoma, and got another spiffy bandanna for his collection; now we wait a few weeks to find out if we see the same improvement in symptoms this time that we did after his last graduadiation.

It’s A Hipsterview!

Charlee: “Hello everyone! It’s me, Charlee!”

I’m Batman. I mean Batgirl. I mean Batcat.

Chaplin: “And me, Chaplin!”

Oh, did you want to sit here?

Charlee: “We just stopped by to let everyone know that an interview we did with the Funny Farmers has dropped over on Mousebreath!”

Chaplin: “It dropped? Where did it drop from? Can I climb up there? Where did it drop to? Is it on the floor? Can I eat it?”

Charlee: “That’s just a figure of speech, Chaplin.”

Chaplin: “Oh, okay. But still. Can I eat it?”

Dennis: “Hey did they use the picture of me from when I was a cat?”

One of these things is not like the others

Charlee: “You were never a cat, Dennis.”

Chaplin: “You were just wearing a cat mask.”

Dennis: “Was too a cat. Meow.”

Charlee: “Just stop.”

Thank you Jan’s Funny Farm and the Funny Farmers for interviewing the Hipsters!