borrowd time!!! now beeing payd bak in instalmints!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may reemember sevral weeks ago i posted an updayt on how i wuz dooing with my owtcheosarkoma and this week i am bak with an updayt to the updayt!!! now of korse bak in deesember i first met my noo pal eeyativ raydeeayshun and he wuz intended to help the owtchee of the owtcheeosarkoma and wile it sertinly did that for over siks munths it is the kind of treetmint wot eventchooally wares off and that is wot has ben happining now i hav ben fayvoring my rite leg and holding my left leg up in the air and beeing kayrful not to sit on it and sinse i am not a whiner eksept wen i want sum fud this is my way of telling mama and dada that my hip hurts agin!!!

but soft wot lite over yonder hil brayks??? it is the west and mama is the sun!!! oh no wayt it akchooally is the sun

now i no that oridjinally mama and dada had not plannd on me spending mor time with my pal eeyativ raydeeayshun but after i wuz eksamind by the anklyosaurolodjist and we all had a long tawk they deesided that sinse i am stil jenerally verry happy and i am eeting wel and all my other ishyooz like the eye beady and the hart murmurururur ar under gud kontrol i cud spend wun mor week with my pal to see if he kan help me owt agin!!!

IMG_3048_20180629105712 me and a pal!!! not of the eeyativ raydeeayshun varietee!!!

the anklyosaurolodjist sed that sinse i reesponded verry wel to the first meeting with my pal eeyativ raydeeayshun that their is evry reezun to think i wil reespond wel agin and perhaps git another siks munth of reelef frum the owtcheosarkoma so we startid up with the meetings with my pal this past therzday and i hav now had too vizzits with him with three mor to go this week!!!

IMG_4934_2018052212655 mee and another pal!!! also not of the eeyativ raydeeayshun varietee!!!

after my first vizzit with my pal i wuz kind of owt of it and stil kind of owtchee on akkownt of they had to do a proseedjoor with majik to luk inside my hip and tel my pal ware he shud poke me but after the sekund treetmint i wuz better not groggy and whiny wel eksept for whining for dinner of korse!!! but mama and dada dont mind wen i whine for dinner becuz it meens i am feeling gud!!!

just an old dog dooing wot an old dog duz best!!!

so ennyway that is my updayt!!! if i kan git another siks munths frum this sekund vizzit with my pal eeyativ raydeeayshun then mama and dada say i wil hav dun verry wel for a dog with a letmeaksialyooakwestchun owtcheosarkoma in his elvis the pelvis better than cud be ekspekted in fakt!!! but i tel them hay mama and dada konsidring that bak in deesember it wuz fifty fifty if i wood eeven stil be heer in the summertime i think i am alreddy dooing better than cud be ekspekted am i rite???

after a seshun with my pal eeyativ raydeeayshun i like to rest up with sum furnitcher therapee

yes i am!!! ok bye

28 thoughts on “borrowd time!!! now beeing payd bak in instalmints!!!

  1. I khan’t find the words right now to properly sum it up but I know of which woo paw…

    My mom knows the each day is a gift part…I’m lukhky that my issue is only old age – and the issues that khome with that –

    I’ll be looking furward to reading the khontinuing adventures of Dennis and the *SHUDDER* khats!



  2. Hey, Dennis! What good news! Well, not the pain part, but the continuing to only whine for food. Food is the Bestest part of the WHOLE day. I know. Mom says my tummy shows it also. Well, sleeping. I like to sleep lots. So sleeping and eating. The Good Stuff…you keep on keep’n on, Good Buddy. Us, elderly dogs have to stick together. Boomer


  3. Mee-you Dennis yur a Warrior Viszla! Mee nevurr known a doggie who fott so hard to stay here with his Hu’manss. To LadyMum an mee yur our HERO!! Keep on fiightin thee good fight an mee sendss tripull POTP an LadyMum sendss purrayerss of heelin all so.
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx an {{{hugss}}} LadyMum


  4. Hey Dennis! Darn straight you are doing just fine, keep fighting the good fight. Your mama and dada will help you with that. Tail wags and cold nose kisses to you.
    Love, Trixie


  5. Glad to see you here today, Dennis. We hope the added treatments will give you another six months or more. After all somePup has to keep those crazy kitties in line:)

    Feel better, pal.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  6. You are Batman, D. Plus your doctor and parents have very smart brains to always have ideas to make you feel strong and happy. You are a tough cookie. Wait. What? Did somebody say cookie?! I love cookies! OK. Bye.

    Love and licks,


  7. Dennis, may the wind be always at your back and may 4 leaf clovers cover your trek to keep you lucky along your way! This is my made-uppy version of an olde Irish poem or maybe a new Irish poem. Stay as young and healthy as you can, sweet doggie!
    Luvz, Patzy


  8. Oh Dennis this is the bestest news! I am glads you are feelin’ betters, and I have my paws crossed real tight that you will have six more months pain free! Sendin’ lots of loves and POTP and healin’ vibes and AireZens!!!
    Ruby ♥


  9. Dennis- we all need some good pals! My Vizsla pals are diminishing. Except for you there is only Dexter in Georgia that I know, but I have a new pal Zed who sure looks part Vizsla to me. His mama likes his golden eyes.


  10. I would jump for joy my friend but – looking down at my short legs – I don’t think it would work. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. It’s great news. Keep it up okay. Sending you much love! XOXO – Bacon


  11. Hey there Dennis – we Ladiez iz so happee u iz whinin’fer food an’duin’good. You just keep on borrowin’all the time u want – u keep keepin’that vet man bizy – they like that. You just keep on keepin’on an’us Beagle Ladiez will keep on sendin’up our Beagle Arooooz an’POTP fer u too!
    Lady Shasta’n Miss Maizie


  12. oh no Dennis! I didn’t know you were feeling bad. I hope you get all better and stay that way. You do look relaxed hanging out with your new pals.


  13. Oh that is such good news Dennis, that’s the kind of pal a dog really needs. You are certainly cheeky whining for your dinner!! Gilly and Hedy love lying in the sun and it is warm here even in Winter. Very glad that you are so well, wiggly waggly tails, Dennis.


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