It’s A Hipsterview!

Charlee: “Hello everyone! It’s me, Charlee!”

I’m Batman. I mean Batgirl. I mean Batcat.

Chaplin: “And me, Chaplin!”

Oh, did you want to sit here?

Charlee: “We just stopped by to let everyone know that an interview we did with the Funny Farmers has dropped over on Mousebreath!”

Chaplin: “It dropped? Where did it drop from? Can I climb up there? Where did it drop to? Is it on the floor? Can I eat it?”

Charlee: “That’s just a figure of speech, Chaplin.”

Chaplin: “Oh, okay. But still. Can I eat it?”

Dennis: “Hey did they use the picture of me from when I was a cat?”

One of these things is not like the others

Charlee: “You were never a cat, Dennis.”

Chaplin: “You were just wearing a cat mask.”

Dennis: “Was too a cat. Meow.”

Charlee: “Just stop.”

Thank you Jan’s Funny Farm and the Funny Farmers for interviewing the Hipsters!

13 thoughts on “It’s A Hipsterview!

  1. Nice to meet all of you…you are funny! Dennis, my sister’s Vizsla “Captain” was the nicest doggie ever, and while our Angel is a black and white kitty, she’s not a tuxedo; we call her a cow-colored kitty!


    1. hello eastside cats its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo nice to meet yoo too!!! that captain sownds like a vizsla i wood hav liked to meet!!! and do not wurry if yoo do not hav a tuxedo angel their ar very fyoo kayses ware formalware is reekwired!!! ok bye


  2. MeOW It’s very nice to meet ya’ll, Charlee, Chaplin and Dennis. Ya’ll sure are cute. We luvved your innerview. Me is a cat scout. Me’s sisfur isn’t, but me is. Ya’ll should totally check it out. We have great fun. We’re really glad ya’ll go gotted and found your happy furever. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


    1. hello dezi and raena its dennis the vizsla dog hay hello it is verry nice to meet yoo!!! ooh a cat scowt that sownds like a verry brayv profeshun!!! i wunder if eether of the hipsters is a cat scowt i wil hav to ask!!! i wil come and vizzit yoo soon!!! ok bye

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your interview was awesome, kitties. I’m glad you got your disguise on and got in there, too, D. Do you ever get to eat any of the “muffins” those kids make?? I’m pretty sure muffins are delicious…. OK. Bye.

    Love and licks,


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