The Consulate of China


Spicoli: “Dude, did you steal your Dada’s phone again?”
Dennis: “I never steal Dada’s phone. It’s just that sometimes people leave important messages on it for me and he never passes them along.”
Mouse: “Fake calls from the IRS threatening lawsuits or from people overseas claiming they’ll give you money in exchange for your bacnk account number don’t constitute ‘important messages’, Dennis.”
Dennis: “Sure sure. I’ve learned my lesson about those. But this one isn’t like that. Check it out!”

(Note: This is an actual voice mail from Dada’s phone)


Mouse: “Please don’t tell me you’re planning to call or visit the Consulate of China in response to that ridiculous voice mail.”
Dennis: “No no, of course not. I’m still convalescing from my radiation treatments. Plus I would probably set off the radioactivity detectors at the Consulate.”
Mouse: “Well that’s very sensible of you. Except for the part about the radioactivity.”
Dennis: “Ha ha ha! Thanks! Anyway I sent my two most trusted lieutenants to the Consulate of China to talk to them on my behalf.”
Mouse: “Dennis …”
Spicoli: “Dude! I thought I was your most trusted lieutenant! Now I’m all sad and stuff.”

Meanwhile …


Lo Pan: “Welcome to the Consulate of China. I see you got my voice mail.”

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