payshense by ivenone and also an updayt!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am heer with an updayt on how i am dooing but first heer is a littel viddyo wot my krool krool dada mayd of me deemanding fuds wich he sez i kannot has yet on akkownt of i need to wayt for my pills to be prossessd chek it owt!!!


hmmph payshense he sez it is like he duz not no i am twelv yeerz old and not in the best of helth!!! and speeking of helth i thawt it mite be time to let all my nice reederz no how i am dooing!!! now as yoo may reemember bak in the munth of julie i had anuther rownd of raydeeayshun treetmints in the hopes of helping kwiet down the pain in my hip frum my owtcheosarkoma and also to help me deevelop sooperpowers i hav not deeveloped sooperpowers unfortchoonatly and altho the pain in my hip is better now the treetmint wuz not as effektiv as the first time and a fyoo weeks ago i had to start on another medikayshun kalld yogabbagabbapentin wich has ben helpful to my ability to git up and go i am kind of dooing wot mama and dada kall the bunny hop as yoo kan see in this viddyo!!!


mama and dada wer konsernd that the bunny hop ment that i wuz stil having unkontrolld pain frum the owtcheosarkoma but in my follow up with the anklyosaurolodjist this week wen they palp … palpit … palpitine … wel ennyway wen he chekd owt my hip and leg i did not reeakt as if it wuz in signifikant pain so the doctor thinks it is stil pritty wel kontrolld he thinks the bunny hopping is likely doo to the nervs thru my hip to my left leg gitting kind of funny and that i am yoozing the bunny hop moshun to kompensayt and avoyd dragging the fut!!! his eksakt wurds wer sumthing like he thinks i am smart enuf to figger owt the best way to moov without dragging my fut hay thats rite doc i am a jeenyus dog just luk at my cap!!!

ennyway as yoo can see in that viddyo i can still motor arownd the howse lickety split eeven tho i am dooing bunny hops after all i do not no if yoo hav ever seen a bunny but they ar pritty kwik!!! i do hav a littel trouble gitting onto the sofa and the bed sumtimes but mama or dada is yoozhually their to help me wen that happins and i hav got trixies help em up harness to help me up yoo kan see the handel of it in this pikcher ware i wuz in the car going home after vizzitting the anklyosaurolodjists as yoo kan see i wuz pritty worn owt frum the ekspeeryense!!!

but most of the time i kan git up on the furnitcher all by myselfs eeven if sumtimes it is not such a pritty process!!!

i may hav rekd the playse but i stil got up heer!!!

so sumtimes wun must go to the ikea kowtch insted wich is mutch lower to the grownd then the fabrik wuns!!!

wel that wuz mutch eezier!!!

a lower kowtch meens eezier aksess as mandayted by the ada!!! wich of korse stands for the arthritik dogs assosheeayshun!!!

now then my other big ishyoo of korse is the inflammatory bowel dizeez or eye beady i hav ben dooing all rite their or so say mama and dada with their strayndj obsesshun with my poops aparently they ar pritty gud!!! i mayd dada cut owt the part in the hopping viddyo ware i poopd on kamra tho i meen nobuddy needs to see that dada!!! eksept yoo aparently!!! i may hav gottin a bit intolerant abowt fuds the last sevral weeks ware i eet a fud for a fyoo days then do not want it ennymore fortchoonatly their is a hyoodj supply of opend fud bags for me to rotayt thru after all variety is the spice of life or so i hav herd!!!

a smorgasbord of delites!!! and also sum preskripshun fud

and sumtimes i eeven git to hav a piknik!!!


i hav put bak all the wayt i lost dooring erlier flareups and then sum in fakt now mama sez i need to looze a kuple of pownds hay mayk up my mind mama!!! this yo yo dieting is for the birds!!!

so ennyway thats ware i am with my owtcheosarkoma and hip displeezya and the eye beady those ar my big ishyooz the other stuf like ankzietee is under gud control now partly on akkownt of i am gitting pritty def theez days trixie got def too but she did not tel me how wunderfully peeseful it is wen yoo kannot heer things like base booms or thunder or skarry skarry terribul birds chirping!!! and my hart murmer is dooing wel on the medikayshuns i tayk for that!!! so we ar all hoping that i wil git to stay heer with mama and dada and the hipster kitties for a fyoo mor munths!!!

me and my sekund or ummm posibly third fayvrit hyooman!!!
me and my pack!!! cats run in packs rite???

i meen after all wot wood chaplin do if he did not git to spend his eevenings trying to steel the fuds wot mama tosses for me to find??? ha ha ok bye

28 thoughts on “payshense by ivenone and also an updayt!!!

  1. My Momma and I always enjoy your posts, Dennis. We are so glad you are able to hop and bark and let the world know just what you think. I whine the most…I mean after all, you have to let people know what you are thinking. That’s my story! Let the world know. Anyway…you hang in there buddy…we are all pulling for you. Boomer

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  2. It is tough getting old, isn’t it, Dennis? But you are weathering all those medical issues with strength and resilience and a little help from the Dada and Mama who have all sorts of tricks to keep you going on. Those nommies at your picnic made us hungry – is it time for dinner yet?

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  3. It was great to see you in action, Dennis. You do have a lot of good foods to choose from, and you seem to be getting around pretty good. That’s a nice ortho bed you have there…our Lily had one too, but it got so torn up by later pups that it is now garbage. OK, bye. Lucy, Xena and Mom


  4. CRAP crap crap Dennis I just can’t stop crying….the photo of you & your Dada is so touching & sweet. I can feel the LUV thru the computer.
    I’m sorry to tell you but purrince Siddhartha went to Pure Land on Tuesday. It was very sudden & very tragic & I miss him so-o much!!! I hope you stick around for lots more months……You are one special dog….
    Love your videos & love you! Sherri-Ellen & Angel P SH ❤ ❤


  5. WTF is dada doin’ filmin’ woo’s private time? Oh Dennis, woo talk exactly like Loki. Crackery and demanding! Loki just yelled at me now because we did breaky (breakfast) then tricks for treats games (PT training for juicy’s hips) in the yard, then walkies and then after that, we did bath time with turkey cold cuts. Even though he did all that eatin today, he didn’t let me forget that after-walkie treats would not be forgoten! In the old days, when they were youngins’ they’d get raw meaty bones, but now that they are HOOOGE, and seniors, they get a soft jerkey treat. Still, because they did all that eatin’ I didn’t think they needed after walkie treats, but Loki decided he would not let me forget about them. He was yellin’ at me goin’ “WTH, momma! We did all that work, PLUS woo gave me a bath after walkies and I don’t get no after walkie treat?” Unacceptable. And just like Dennis, started yellin’ at me just like that until i gave him a soft jerkey treat. Never mind that he had like 87,000 kibbles during training and a pack of turkey breast plus 1/2 can of fuhd and an egg for sunday breaky. I guess I must not feed them enough… just like cruel dadda! Dennis, maybe woo and Juicy and Loki can go on the road advocating against cruel dadas and mean mommas!


  6. Hey Dennis, we were unaware of your trials buddy. You seem to be handling things well and getting back into your usual behaviour. We hate pills and wish you could bury them in your cat’s litter. Hang in there dude, we will check back with you again. Power to you my friend.

    Shoko and Tyebe


  7. Hi Dennis.
    I’m Scooter and I live in Sarge’s house now. I’m sorry you’ve been having such sickies, but sending lots of those healing vibes for more and more better days. I should try that foodables technique. BOL


  8. Oh dear. So sorry about your ouchies/sickies, Dennis. You seem to be finding ways to manage though. Hey Dennis, people pay money to learn to hop like that (ie – Hip hop, Lindy hop) but you are clearly naturally gifted.
    The picture with your dad is VERY touching!! He obviously loves you a lot.


  9. Don’t feel too bad, Dennis; it is time for annual examinations here, so Mom is picking up everyone’s poop (except for Dad’s – she says he can do that himself) to preserve for posterity or something. Crazy humans and their poop obsession! Glad to see you hopping around – and glad to see that your Mama and Dada have an adequate stash of different foodables to adjust to your varying tastes!

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


  10. Hey, friend Dennis, we are so happy that you are hanging around and bunny-hopping! We hope to see you around for quite a while yet. Gabapentin is good medicine – our mama takes it for her back, and it helps. If it helps humans, it should help smart and intelligent dogs like you, Dennis, right?
    Meows and Purrs, and lots of love from The Cat Gang


  11. We were glad to see the video updates. Peeps just need to see the 💩. 😆
    POTP to you, Dennis. We’re hoping to get many more updates. We were gone awhile to Alaska. What an adventure we had.


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