me vs the room wot moovs the reetern!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo ar a long time reeder yoo may reemember that menny yeerz ago at the bilding ware the dog kiropraktor is i did battel with wun of my most formidabul foes the room wot moovs!!! i fawt it wunse and then i fawt it twice and then i fawt it three times and then i deeklayrd viktoree and went home!!! or posibly mor akyooratly tucker and trixie startid going to the dog kiropraktor withowt me and then of korse tucker went away and trixie went away and then nobuddy went to the dog kiropraktor for a fyoo yeerz however with my owtcheosarkoma and my funny wawking it seems maybe my spine has gotten a bit owt of wack and as they say wack is crack or ummm sumthing like that ennyway long storry short i hav mayd my verry own vizzit to the dog kiropraktor and yoo no wot that meens i had to fayse the room wot mooovs all by myself chek it owt!!!

we ar going to see doctor cheryl??? i luv doctor cheryl!!!

it seems like their shud be a kuple of other dogs coming with me on the way to see doctor cheryl

Angel Tucker: “Oh boy, we’re going to see Dr. Cheryl! She always hands out the best treats after an adjustment!”
Angel Trixie: “But you get more treats than you could possibly eat at the Rainbow Bridge, Tucker.”
Angel Tucker: “I don’t understand what ‘more treats than you could possibly eat’ means.”

wunse we got to the kiropraktors offiss i wayted in the car with dada wile mama went up to mayk shoor the koast wuz kleer!!! i am not shoor why mama went all the way to the koast to chek on this wen the kiropraktors offiss is in the mithikal sitty of san marcos but maybe she just wanted to go to the beetch or sumthing!!!


wunse the koast wuz finaly kleer dada eskorted me to the room wot moovs!!! wot wil happin??? wil i reemember it??? wil i run away frum it agin??? ooooh the suspense is killing me!!!


yes thats rite the room wot moovs holds no terror for me!!! espeshly wen mama is wayting at the end of it!!! and gitting bak down wuz eeven eezier on akkownt of mama wuz with me that time eeven if i did at first think i mite yooze the stairs!!!


so as yoo kan see the room wot moovs has now ben thooroly deefeeted and i dennis the vizsla hav emerdjd viktoryus!!! home james!!!


Angel Trixie: “Good job, Dennis. We’re very proud of you.”
Angel Tucker: “Did you see Dr. Cheryl still has our pictures up in her office? We may be gone, but we’re not forgotten!”
Angel Trixie: “Nobody who has given you a treat ever forgets it, Tucker.”
Angel Trouble: “At least not until the scars on their fingers heal. Purr purr purr.”

and thats the storry of how i acheevd my ultimat triumf over the room wot moovs!!! ok bye

23 thoughts on “me vs the room wot moovs the reetern!!!

  1. Wow Dennis, you are so brave, and the Room that Moves looks like fun for you. Gilly and Hedy saw your wiggly waggly tail when you saw your mum!! And that is some excellent trotting at the end: good job all round Dennis, wiggly waggly tails from Gilly and Hedy


  2. OMGoodness, D. You did great! So brave. I am ALSO an Elevator Dog! Right in my very own apartment building. But check the ceiling in there. At my elevator, there’s a dog on the ceiling that looks EXACTLY LIKE ME! Mom calls her Mirror. She copies me every time I see her! Ugh! #stalker. OK. Bye. Love you.

    Love and licks,


  3. Woohoo! Good job in defeating the room wot mooves! That can be a scary, scary place! Lucy doesn’t seem to mind it, but I, Saint Fiona the Patient, is a tad less keen on moving rooms. Nice to have your staff clear out any of the hoi polloi that might be trying to get a glimpse of your most regal self!

    *kissey face*
    Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


  4. Way to go, Dennis!! Such a “moving” video 🙂 Seriously, I can’t believe how well you managed to do all of that walking. I did like when you kinda trotted at the end tho. That made me smile.

    VERY BRAVE, Dennis. You should pick some kind of brave costume for howl 0 ween. Or maybe wear it all of the time. You deserve it!
    Your friend for a lonnnnnng time now, Behr Behr


  5. Dennis yore THE bravest most valley-ant doggie EFURR!! Mee an LadyMummy are so happy you dee-feeted thee movin room an are feelin bettur.
    AS angel Uncle Siddhartha used to mee-ywo: “WOO HOO!”
    ***purrsss*** an guud wishess, BellaDharma an LadyMummy


  6. Wow, Dennis, you are very brave. We don’t think we would have liked that door closing on us. We hope your visit helped you too. That is some fancy harness you have on there.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  7. Hey Dennis, well done. I learnt it’s not so bad after all and it saves walking up all those stairs. I over came my fear last year on holiday in Italy when we stayed in a hotel😊 We’re very proud of you Dennis😀


  8. Oh sweet Dennis you did great in that room that moves. You gave us a giggle with your “home James”. We hope you enjoyed those treats. Hugs and nose kisses


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