Act Casual



Mouse: “Why are you standing like that? You’re going to get a crick in your neck.”
Dennis: “There’s a coyote at the top of the hill and I’m trying to keep an eye on him while acting all casual.”



Mouse: “You don’t look like you’re acting casual. You look like a rubbernecker passing a wreck on the freeway.”
Dennis: “Really? Am I being too obvious? I don’t want to make the coyote mad by staring at him.”



Mouse: “Tell you what, I’ll do a little recon. Being watched by a coyote makes us small rodents a bit nervous.”
Dennis: “Recon?”
Mouse: “Yes, I’d feel better if I can get a closer look at this guy. Coyotes are known to carry high explosives or giant crossbows or rocket shoes or, you know, other things you need if you want to catch a roadrunner. Plus that helps them over fences where they steal and eat anything they find, such as mice that may be throwing parties in the backyard.”
Dennis: “You throw parties in the backyard?”
Mouse: “No no, of course not. I’m just speaking hypothetically.”

Soon …


Later …


Mouse: “I don’t think we need to worry. That’s quite possibly the most mellow-looking coyote I’ve ever seen.”
Dennis: “Huh, I wonder why. Maybe he finally caught that roadrunner.”
Spicoli: “Yo, dudes, has anyone seen my box of … uh … dried lawn clippings? I can’t find it anywhere.”

15 thoughts on “Act Casual

  1. Lightning says he could use some of that grass right now – tell that coyote he needs to share.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  2. Sounds like somebody has been watching a lot of toons. lol Sorry about the grass clippings…hope they put some weight on that skinny coyote. Hugs and nose kisses


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