Do You Feel Lucky?

Dada’s Note: Literally the day we were going to make the call, Dennis suddenly bounced back, happily greeting us at the door with a wagging tail for the first time in days. Whether this is an effect of increased prednisone and his new biome treatment finally kicking in or just a spontaneous remission, we don’t know, but we’re happy he’s feeling better for however long as it lasts. Meanwhile, Dennis decided to celebrate his good fortune by playing the lottery.

Mr. Nibbles: “Friend Dennis, what are all those coupons you’ve got there?”
Dennis: “They’re a bunch of TennisBall lottery tickets that I bought.”
Mouse: “Are you sure you don’t mean Powerball?”
Dennis: “Umm, I don’t know. What’s the difference?”

Mouse: “Well, Powerball is a lottery where players have an infinitesimal chance to win hundreds of millions of dollars.”
Dennis: “Infinitesimal? I like those odds!”
Mouse: “No you don’t, Dennis! ‘Infinitesimal’ means ‘ridiculously small’, not ‘infinite’.”
Dennis: “Oh.”
Mouse: “As for ‘TennisBall’, I have no idea what that is, but your ‘tickets’ look like something made by an amateur using a photo editor and a color printer.”
Dennis: “Yes, the person who sold them to me explained that TennisBall gives away so much money that they can’t afford fancy tickets.”
Mr. Nibbles: “And who sold you the tickets, friend Dennis?”

Producer Smurf: “Good news, Dennis! We’re about to smurf the winner of the TennisBall lottery!”
Mouse: “Why am I not surprised?”

After the barrel is spun …

Producer Smurf: “Sorry, Dennis, you didn’t smurf the smurfy grand prize. But you did smurf one of the worthless — um, I mean smurfy — consolation prizes.”
Dennis: “A consolation prize? Oh boy! Gimme!”

Dennis: “Look, Mr. Nibbles! I won a dirty tennis ball! This is the best lottery ever!”
Mr. Nibbles: “It sure is good to be a dog, isn’t it, friend Dennis?”
Producer Smurf: “Ahhh! Let me out! Stop smurfing me around! I’m calling Papa Smurf!”
Mouse: “I’ll stop spinning you around when you agree to refund Dennis whatever he spent on tickets to ‘win’ his own old tennis ball that you found out in the yard.”

24 thoughts on “Do You Feel Lucky?

  1. Every dog’s a winner, especially you Dennis. Wow, we reckon that tennis ball is worth at least one billion dollars!! Stay well, wiggly waggly tails, Gilly and Hedy.


  2. A dirty tennis ball is more than Mom and I won in the regular PowerBall. I would’ve LOVED to win a ball. Or a stick. Or a rock. Or a cigarette butt. Nuthin’. On the other paw, knowing that you’re feeling strong and wagging your tail is like winning the lottery to us! Woot! #toughcookie OK. Bye!

    Love and licks,


  3. Woohoo Dennis!!! You have a beloved, “broken in” tennis ball AND more time with your family!! You won the best things ever!! Behr Behr

    Wow, I’m interested in this product you used! Did you do the testing too, or just use the product? I wrote them with some questions. Sounds promising. I use a product called Restore for us AND even Behr more recently (even tho they sell “Lumapet” for dogs..same product with pet label) Different purpose, but still super important to HEAL the gut. I have met and talked with Dr Zach Bush (the creator of Restore) many times. Brilliant man with rare multiple MD licenses. The gut is where the immune system is, so anything we do to protect and heal it can only benefit. THANKS for sharing the info on the product! Behr’s Mom


    1. hello behr behr its dennis the vizsla dog hay mama and dada did not do the testing as they did not think i had the time to wayt for it and i gess givin how down to the wire it kaym they wer rite!!! i do not think we ar going to proseed with the testing just on akkownt of it woodnt mayk a diffrense to how i git treeted but under other sirkumstanses they wood be verry intrested in seeing wot that mite show!!! ok bye


  4. Behr’s mom here again. I know it’s late in the game, but did you happen to watch the “Truth about Pet Cancer” docu-series? Good stuff. You can watch episode 1 free here Also the KetoPet foundation is doing amazing things. UGH. All stuff I wish I had known 11 years ago when Behr was only a puppy 😦 This information wasn’t available then, sadly.


  5. Meow Mouse an Mistur Nibbless yore 2 of thee bestie frendss a poochie cuud have! Dennis LadyMew iss wipin tearss from her eyess shee iss so happy yore here….mee was holdin mee breath too…with pawss crossed when wee opened thee link thingy!
    Have a wonder full day deerest sweet Dennis. Wee ❤ LOVe ❤ so so much!!!!
    ***paw patsss*** BellaDharma an {{{hugsss}}} LadyMew


  6. We will take all the good days you can get. Way to go, Dennis!!! We think you won the biggest lottery prize years ago when you found this wonderful family instead of that desert. Hang in there, buddy – we are all pulling for you.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber and Mom Kathie


  7. Way to go Dennis! And you know a dirty tennis ball is fangtastic! OUr peep won a whole 4 dollars in the BIG lottery, maybe they will buy us some tennis balls too
    Hazel & Mabel


  8. A dirty tennis ball is MUCH better than no tennis ball!!

    We are so happy to hear you have decided to spend a bit more time with your pack Dennis…and with us too!!
    Rosy, Jakey and Arty


  9. WooooHooooo!!!!! Way to go Dennis! both with the lottery and feelin’ betters!!! You knows, any extra time you feel you can gives to everyone who loves you is a true gift. I am so happy for you and your family!!
    Ruby ♥


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