Silent Sunday: Home Again



Dada’s Note: The memory box and plaque were prepared by Dennis’s Mimmier and Granddad and fit him perfectly. His Granddad says it is an old toolbox they found at an estate sale and fixed up, and that he thinks it looks like something Dennis would have carried on one of his adventures. (Tucker’s memory box is an old tin of cookies, and Trixie’s memory box is a very pretty old humidor — fittingly food-related and classy, respectively.)

Repeat Sunday: The Battle of Thanksgiving

Charlee: “We have company this week so we thought we would dust off Dennis’s classic Thanksgiving adventure.”
Chaplin: “This was way before our time so we’re not in it.”
Charlee: “No, we’re not, but still, it’s sort of a Thanksgiving tradition now that it gets posted any year. Just like Dennis’s classic battle of the North Pole around Christmas.”
Chaplin: “Have you noticed that holidays with Dennis were never really like holidays with other dogs?”
Charlee: “Yes, yes I have.”

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The Last Will and Testament of Dennis the Vizsla Dog

Scrooge: “I’ve read several ridiculous last wills and testaments for you creatures over the years, but this one really puts the butter on the crumpet. Bah humbug.”
Mouse: “How so?”
Chaplin: “Did you hear that? We’re getting buttered crumpets.”
Charlee: “I don’t think that’s what he said.”

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