The Last Will and Testament of Dennis the Vizsla Dog

Scrooge: “I’ve read several ridiculous last wills and testaments for you creatures over the years, but this one really puts the butter on the crumpet. Bah humbug.”
Mouse: “How so?”
Chaplin: “Did you hear that? We’re getting buttered crumpets.”
Charlee: “I don’t think that’s what he said.”

Scrooge: “Where to begin? It’s scrawled in crayon on a piece of shredded cardboard. It contains no punctuation except for exclamation points and question marks, and when those appear, there are always at least three in a row. Nothing is spelled correctly except “ha ha ha” and “ok bye”. And where it should be signed, there’s just a giant bite taken out of the material. Quite frankly, I don’t know how we can even assert that this was in fact written by Dennis the Vizsla Dog.”

Producer Smurf: “If Dennis didn’t smurf that, I’ll smurf my hat.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Friend Dennis always did think ‘grammar’ was a kind of breakfast cereal.”
Charlee: “I think Dennis wrote that.”
Chaplin: “That sounds like Dennis.”
Mouse: “I guarantee you that was Dennis.”
Vermin: “HISS! Nasty lawyer! Of course Dennis wrote that.”
Spicoli: “Dude, that couldn’t sound any more like Dennis if it was barking.”
Scrooge: “Well, all right, if you all vouch for it, I suppose we can say it’s a valid last will and testament …”

Spicoli: “So don’t keep us in suspense, dude. What does it say?”
Scrooge: “As far as I can make out, he leaves you all with vizsla tail wags and kisses, ‘even the smurf and the possum who pretends to be a cat’, and he leaves his blog to the Hipster Kitties, whoever they are.”
Chaplin: “That’s us! We’re the Hipster Kitties!”
Scrooge: “Then congratulations, you are now the proud proprietors of Dennis’s Diary of Destruction. It says something about an addendum that lists all the nemeses, evil perpetrators, and creditors that come with the blog, but that part has been shredded.”

Scrooge: “Well, best of luck to you! I’ll charge my fee on your Dada’s credit card on my way out, as per usual.”

Chaplin: “Nemeses? Evil perpetrators?”
Charlee: “Creditors?”
Mouse: “I don’t think you’re actually required to have nemeses or evil perpetrators. But the creditors might be a problem.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Ha ha ha! You sure are some lucky cats!”

Thank you to Petcretary Ingrid of Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs
for creating this memorial image of Dennis the Vizsla Dog!


22 thoughts on “The Last Will and Testament of Dennis the Vizsla Dog

  1. Congratulations Hipster Kitties! Dennis left this blog in good paws. You two will be awesome.

    I love the photo tribute to Dennis. It is beautiful!


  2. huh? what happened? where did Dennis go? he can’t be gone. he’s an institution. he’s out there somewhere like Waldo, laughing, saying, “Where’s Dennis?” He’s going to be like Elvis. Everyone’s going to spot him. There will be rumors and tails. Oops, tales.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. And the tears just keep flowing….what a lovely blog post. Dennis the Viszla will live in our hearts forever….he meant so much to all of us in the Blog World. And I’d say that “Last Will’ was totally Dennis! ~~Sherri-Ellen

    Meow meow what a clevurr poochie Dennis was. Mee wishess mee mew him better! Hee was so kewl. An Hipster Kittss you helped Dennis ALOT an that iss why hee leeved you his bloggie.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    OK BYE!


  4. NAK here – lets just say it’s been oh so much fun hitting the buff-et with Angel Dennis –

    Of khourse, I’ve had the most fun hanging out and khomparing fluffy tails with Angel Trixie –

    I do warn against leaving THE KHATS in charge but that’s just me!



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