9 thoughts on “Throwback (Dennis & Tucker) Thursday: One Asleep, One Anxious

    1. Charlee: “Oh that was an Anxiety Wrap! Dennis used to tell us about it.”
      Chaplin: “Yes, he loved his Anxiety Wrap! He said it was like a Thundershirt, which he also had, but it was secured in different places with cinches and a big Velcro flap so it could be pulled tighter.”
      Charlee: “He told us it worked better than the Thundershirt when he was nervous. Of course, we never got to see him using the Anxiety Wrap because it was destroyed by a puppy who found it in a basket and chewed the cinches to pieces.”
      Chaplin: “That was long before we got here.”
      Charlee: “It’s still being sold at https://anxietywrap.com/ but we don’t know if it’s exactly the same as his was.”
      Chaplin: “And look! They even have a picture of a vizsla dog wearing one!”

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