Vinny Gambini: “Wow, you’re a big fella! Are you sure you’re a stuffie and not a guy in a suit?”
Emcee Stuffie: “Of course I’m not a guy in a suit. That would be a violation of the stuffie union bylaws.”

Vinny Gambini: “Bylaws, ok, got it. Say I was wondering if it’s too late for the two Hipster yoots I represent to join this dance-off of yours.”
Emcee Stuffie: “I think we could squeeze them in after our representatives finish their routine.”
Chaplin: “Do you think we can climb that pole, Charlee?”
Charlee: “Well, it’s made of hard, shiny chrome. So yes.”

Vinny Gambini: “Ok, after this routine, got it. Do you stuffies supply the music, or do we need to have our own?”
Emcee Stuffie: “You need to have your own.”
Chaplin: “Wow, those two have pretty strong ears.”
Charlee: “Or really sticky waxy ones.”

Vinny Gambini: “Ok got it. Do you have a sound system I could hook my Walkman up to?”
Emcee Stuffie:” What’s a Walkman?”
Chaplin: “I really want to chase all those moving lights.”
Charlee: “Me too. But we have to wait our turn. I think the stuffies are almost finished.”

Suddenly …

Chaplin: “Well now I can’t see the moving lights anymore.”
Charlee: “Where did all those things come from? And should we pounce on them?”
Vinny Gambini: “Looks like your stuffie union just got a lot of new members.”
Emcee Stuffie: “Oh dear. I’m going to have to order more food from the caterer.”
Bunny Stuffie: “Ahhh! There are maniacs, maniacs on the floor!”
Vermin: “HISSS! What a show! Good luck topping that, Hipsters!”

10 thoughts on “Stuffdance

  1. You hipsters may need to call for some help from Angel Dennis to help with this one.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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