It’s A Marvelous Night for a Cat Dance

Emcee Stuffie: “Mr. Gambini, your clients are on. Let’s see their moves.”
Vinny Gambini: “Okay you two yoots, get out there and wow the audience.”

Mr. Nibbles: “I don’t think this is going well.”

A few hours of napping later …

Emcee Stuffie: “Well I think it’s pretty clear who won the dance-off …”
Vinny Gambini: “What was that?! I know you two yoots have got moves. I’ve seen videos of you both jumping around like crazy!”
Chaplin: “We’re cats. We don’t perform tricks on command.”
Vermin: “HISS! Boo! So boring! I’m outta here. Anyone want to come foraging for ticks with me?”
Spicoli: “That’s a hard pass, dude.”

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