The Taste of Victory

Mogwai Stuffie: “What do we want?”
Bunny Stuffie: “I don’t see why all those guys need to be here for the victory dinner. Only one of them was actually in the dance-off.”
Spicoli: “Uh-oh.”

Other Mogwai Stuffies plus Chaplin: “FOOD!”
Charlee: “To go home and play fetch, then take a nap.”
Bunny Stuffie: “Of course, I can’t tell which one it was.”

Mogwai Stuffie: “When do we want it?”
Bunny Stuffie: “I just hope they don’t eat all the baby carrots.”

Other Mogwai Stuffies: “IN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES!”
Chaplin: “NOW!”
Charlee: “Since this whole thing started.”

Emcee Stuffie: “Sorry the food is so late. The caterer didn’t have enough so I had to go to Costco and buy a case of frozen diners and you know how Costco is.”
Mogwai Stuffies: “YAY! FOOD!”
Spicoli: “Yo, little Hipster dudes, it’s time to go.”
Chaplin: “But we didn’t get our victory dinner yet.”
Mouse: “I know, but first, you didn’t actually win, and second, you don’t want to be here when those guys eat after midnight.”
Charlee: “Midnight? It’s only a little before 9pm.”
Mouse: “True, but they just came in from the East Coast and are still on New York time.”
Chaplin: “How do you know that?”

Meanwhile, out in front …

Producer Smurf: “Smurfy plane.”
Mogwai Stuffie: “Thanks. We stole it a few hours ago when we flew in from Jersey for the dance-off.”

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