Cat Fact Fever

Chaplin: “Why are you reading a book of cat facts, Charlee? You’re a cat. I’m a cat. We’re both experts on cat facts.”
Charlee: “I’m looking for things they got wrong.”

Charlee: “Hey Chaplin it says that you and I are ‘obligate carnivores’.”
Chaplin: “What does that mean?”
Charlee: “It means we have to eat meat and get little to no nutritional value from plants and things like that.”
Chaplin: “I don’t need a book to tell me that. I just eat what Mama and Dada give us out of those magic cans and pouches and stuff.”

Charlee: “You don’t just eat that. I’ve seen you stealing dry granola and potato chips and trying to eat the crusts off bread.”
Chaplin: “Bread tastes good. Maybe your silly book doesn’t know what it’s talking about.”
Charlee: “Maybe. Or maybe you’re just a weirdo.”
Chaplin: “Hmph. I don’t have to sit here and listen to you call me a weirdo.”

Charlee: “Okay he’s gone, Dada. Now play with me.”

Meanwhile …

Chaplin: “Angel Tucker, am I a weirdo?”
Angel Tucker: “Au contraire, Padawan, you are the best pupil I could ask for. Now tell me what you found in that grocery bag.”

17 thoughts on “Cat Fact Fever

  1. Charlee funny you meowed ’bout wee kittiess like to eat….mee Natural Balance Salmon Pate iss furry guud butt it has little peecess of care-rot inn it?? LadyMew laffss an sayss carnyvoress do not eat veggiess….shee iss sure rite ’bout that!
    All tho LadyMew did have a kitty who liked a bit of Frenchyfried poe-tatoe!
    Go figure!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


  2. Oh Chaplin, I don’t thinks you are a weirdo AT ALL! I thinks you are part doggie, either that or Angel Tucker has taught you well! BOL Also, if you find a Fleasa Card in that bag, use it on the interwebs to buy some nip! hehheee
    Ruby ♥


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