Return of the (S)Mack

Producer Smurf: “I’m back! No thanks to you! Not very smurfy running off and leaving me to get smurfed up by gremlins.”
Charlee: “Everybody tried to get you to come with us. You’re the one who insisted on staying to eat roots and berries.”
Producer Smurf: “Uh-huh. Well maybe next time you could smurf me why you’re in such a smurf to smurf your smurfs out of smurf instead of just smurfing me to smurf.”
Charlee: “What?”
Chaplin: “Just tell him okay.”
Charlee: “Um, okay.”
Producer Smurf: “Smurfy.”

Chaplin: “So when did you start driving around in a little car?”
Producer Smurf: “When? I’ll smurf you when! It was when I got put into a full body cast after getting smurfed with a steel plate by those little green monsters! I had to borrow Papa Smurf’s Fiat and let me tell you, I can barely smurf it in this cast.”
Mouse: “Does Papa Smurf know you ‘borrowed’ his car?”
Producer Smurf: “Mind your own business, Mouse, nobody’s smurfing to you.”

Chaplin: “So you have trouble driving the car? Does it move erratically and make sudden stops, starts, and directional changes?”
Producer Smurf: “Yeah, maybe. Why do you ask?”

Soon …

Producer Smurf: “AHHH! Stop it! You’re smurfing up the paint on Papa Smurf’s car! He’s going to smurf me!”
Chaplin: “But this is so much fun!”
Producer Smurf: “It’s not fun for me!”
Chaplin: “Who said anything about you?”
Mouse: “What’s all that racket? And where did you brother go?”
Charlee: “He’s chasing the smurf and his little car all around the house.”

10 thoughts on “Return of the (S)Mack

  1. Right before we had kids (maybe to a request for ideas for gifts from someone???–it’s been more than 33 years ago now….) my husband said, “Any theme but Smurfs. I hate the blue Smurfs!” He got his wish….. the baby’s room (Alex first, then Samantha 18 months later) was decked out with Winnie the Pooh….. You guys are too funny. Don’t get Smurfed!!!


  2. Hehehe this made me giggle. Wants me to insert ‘smurf’ into every sentence! I love the idea of chasing around the little car, I hope it’s fully taxed and insured! 😉
    Caz xx


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