Timey Why-Me?

The Doctor: “So here’s the thing. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the story of the Whos in Whoville and how the Grinch stole Christmas.”
Everyone except Producer Smurf: “Yes.”
Producer Smurf: “Whos are poseurs.”

The Doctor: “Okay. But what you might not know is that it is based on a true story. Except the ornaments that were stolen weren’t just any old decorations. They were Timey Wimey ornaments. By which I mean that, when fully deployed on the Whoville trees, they were responsible for keeping it Christmas there 24/7/365. Follow me so far?”
Everyone except Producer Smurf: “Yes.”
Producer Smurf: “They think they smurf it sooo bad because some green smurfhead smurfs away their presents. Well boo hoo.”

The Doctor: “So I want you all to just imagine what kind of damage could be done by a Grinch armed with sacks and sacks full of Timey Wimey ornaments. He could decide to make it Groundhog Day forever. He could make it the middle of winter forever. He could―”
Spicoli: “Whoa. Dude. Hold the phone. Could he make it Taco Tuesday forever?”
The Doctor: “Well, I suppose, but that hardly―”
Spicoli: “Woo hoo! Permanent Taco Tuesday!”
Producer Smurf: “Seriously, I’d like to smurf them smurf with a smurf who wants to smurf them into gold or smurf Who stew out of them.”

One trip to the Taco Planet later …

Spicoli: “Thanks for the tacos, dude! You can carry on with your yada yada now.”
The Doctor: “You’re welcome. All right, I think that Taco Tuesday business got us a little sidetracked. Anyway my little friend here managed to get away with one of the ornaments, which I reprogrammed into a tracking device to find the others so we can locate the Grinch, get back the other ornaments, and bring permanent Christmas back to Whoville. Can I count on you all to help?”
Producer Smurf: “And another thing. What’s with those antennae? If we smurfs had antennae like that, you would never smurf us without a hat!”

Mouse: “You realize we never do see you without a hat, right?”

Charlee: “I’m actually pretty tired. I think I’d rather go home and sleep in my cat hammock.”
Chaplin: “And I think I’d rather help Spicoli with his taco problem.”
Producer Smurf: “Well, I mean, yes, I do always wear a hat, but it’s not because I smurf stupid little antennae on my head.”
Mouse: “Uh-huh.”

Later …

Charlee: “That was a close one. I think we almost had an adventure.”
Chaplin: “I can’t believe Spicoli hogged all the tacos for himself.”
Producer Smurf: “I don’t smurf stupid little antennae on my head, I swear!”
Mouse: “I’ll believe it when the hat comes off and you show me.”

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