Oregon Trail

Producer Smurf: “All right, so, the first thing we have to smurf to smurf you to Oregon is to smurf out of the house.”
Charlee: “Right. How do we do that?”

Producer Smurf: “What do you mean, how do you do that? You’ve smurfed out of the house with Dennis lots of times.”
Charlee: “Yeah but Dennis handled all the details.”
Chaplin: “When Dennis was around, things just had a way of happening.”
Vermin: “HISSS! That’s for sure! If by ‘happening’ you mean ‘spiraling out of control’! Ha ha ha!”

Producer Smurf: “Well how about when you smurfed to San Diego for that dance-off with the stuffies?”
Charlee: “That was court-mandated.”
Chaplin: “Our lawyer drove us there in his 1962 convertible Cadillac. With the top down. It was horrible.”

Producer Smurf: “Well I don’t smurf how you’re going to smurf to Oregon without smurfing out of the house.”
Charlee: “Can’t we make Oregon come to us?”
Chaplin: “That seems like the most obvious solution.”
Producer Smurf: “I know you cats are used to smurfing your own way but you’re not going to smurf much luck getting an entire state to smurf itself down here to southern California.”

Chaplin: “With a defeatist attitude like that, it’s no wonder you haven’t produced a movie in years.”
Producer Smurf: “That is not my fault! Tinkerbell had me blue-listed and nobody will cross her because she secretly smurfs Disney!”
Chaplin: “You sound a little paranoid.”
Charlee: “All right, listen, maybe we can bring the house to Oregon, then.”
Producer Smurf: “Hmm … all right, let me smurf some calls.”

Later …

Mr. Nibbles: “Look at the light fixture swing. We must be having an earthquake.”
Spicoli: “Are earthquakes usually accompanied by the sound of a truck engine?”
Mouse: “That would be no.”

Bigmouth: “You give Bigmouth hamburgers when we get to Oregon, right?”
Producer Smurf: “Sure sure. All the hamburgers you can smurf.”
Charlee (inside house): “Look, Chaplin, the yard is moving.”

16 thoughts on “Oregon Trail

    1. Charlee: “Oh, sadly, Dennis left us for the Rainbow Bridge at the end of October.”
      Chaplin: “We miss him terribly, but he’s always with us in spirit! Especially with me, since I was his favorite.”
      Charlee: “I won’t argue, it’s true.”

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