The Painted Lady

Producer Smurf: “Smurf it out! We have arrived in Oregon! And there’s the Painted Lady!”
Chaplin: “Yay! Butterflies!”
Charlee: “What do you mean, ‘the’ painted lady?”

Soon …

Charlee: “This is very pretty and all but it’s not a swarm of butterflies.”
Producer Smurf: “Bigmouth, what the smurf? We were supposed to be smurfing to painted lady butterflies, not the Painted Lady restaurant.”
Chaplin: “A restaurant? Let’s go get some food!”
Bigmouth: “It not Bigmouth’s fault you not give clear instructions! Bigmouth want hamburgers now!”
Producer Smurf: “Well, I smurf a restaurant is the place to smurf hamburgers, so, okay.”

Shortly thereafter …

Charlee: “This fireplace isn’t as much fun as the one in our house. #disappointed”
Producer Smurf: “Sorry, Bigmouth, this place doesn’t smurf hamburgers. What it does smurf is a $110 tasting menu. Did anyone smurf any money?”
Chaplin: “What’s money?”
Bigmouth: “No hamburgers?!”

And shortly after that …

Bigmouth: “You come down from there! If you don’t give BIgmouth hamburger, Bigmouth make smurfburger!”
Spicoli: “Oh, the smurfmanity.”
Vermin: “HISSS! When did they build a restaurant in the driveway? Nobody tells me anything!”
Producer Smurf: “Could someone in there smurf into the truck and drive the house to the nearest hamburger joint?”
Mouse: “I guess I need to get on the Internet and learn how to drive a flatbed …”
Mr. Nibbles: “You Hipsters know you can come down from that roof, right? That ogre is not threatening you.”
Chaplin: “We know, but we’re really high up, so that means we’re winning.”

14 Comments on “The Painted Lady

  1. Well, now you have us wanting a hamburger. 🙂 You all have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs and nose kisses


  2. Bring the gang here – we will get Dad to smurf up some burgers on the grill.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and Tweets from the Newbie Piper


  3. By the way…. Loved the video yesterday destroying the paper bag…. and today’s adventure. Hope you did get a ‘burger’ of some sort (didn’t my cat used to eat kittie burgers cat food in gravy? that REALLY puts the wrinkles where they shouldn’t be.. ). My Monday did not end–on Wednesday I was summoned to my grandson’s house because he was ill and his mom had her big conference this weekend and his dad was busy with house projects and a deadline at work….. It’s only an hour away… but I’m still here!!!) The grandson is 14 months old and is fighting a flu bug. ICK!!!


  4. Umm, where’s the hamburger queue????
    And, being a Buttie Pillar Princess I would LUFFS to see the Painted Lady Buttie Pillars as well
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  5. rite naow (meee-ow) I feel semi-wondrously (de)mental enuff to just hop into this churning kwiksand of gravitational collapse of quasi-reality you have pixured.
    thanx ~


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