The Painted Lady

Producer Smurf: “Smurf it out! We have arrived in Oregon! And there’s the Painted Lady!”
Chaplin: “Yay! Butterflies!”
Charlee: “What do you mean, ‘the’ painted lady?”

Soon …

Charlee: “This is very pretty and all but it’s not a swarm of butterflies.”
Producer Smurf: “Bigmouth, what the smurf? We were supposed to be smurfing to painted lady butterflies, not the Painted Lady restaurant.”
Chaplin: “A restaurant? Let’s go get some food!”
Bigmouth: “It not Bigmouth’s fault you not give clear instructions! Bigmouth want hamburgers now!”
Producer Smurf: “Well, I smurf a restaurant is the place to smurf hamburgers, so, okay.”

Shortly thereafter …

Charlee: “This fireplace isn’t as much fun as the one in our house. #disappointed”
Producer Smurf: “Sorry, Bigmouth, this place doesn’t smurf hamburgers. What it does smurf is a $110 tasting menu. Did anyone smurf any money?”
Chaplin: “What’s money?”
Bigmouth: “No hamburgers?!”

And shortly after that …

Bigmouth: “You come down from there! If you don’t give BIgmouth hamburger, Bigmouth make smurfburger!”
Spicoli: “Oh, the smurfmanity.”
Vermin: “HISSS! When did they build a restaurant in the driveway? Nobody tells me anything!”
Producer Smurf: “Could someone in there smurf into the truck and drive the house to the nearest hamburger joint?”
Mouse: “I guess I need to get on the Internet and learn how to drive a flatbed …”
Mr. Nibbles: “You Hipsters know you can come down from that roof, right? That ogre is not threatening you.”
Chaplin: “We know, but we’re really high up, so that means we’re winning.”

14 thoughts on “The Painted Lady

  1. By the way…. Loved the video yesterday destroying the paper bag…. and today’s adventure. Hope you did get a ‘burger’ of some sort (didn’t my cat used to eat kittie burgers cat food in gravy? that REALLY puts the wrinkles where they shouldn’t be.. ). My Monday did not end–on Wednesday I was summoned to my grandson’s house because he was ill and his mom had her big conference this weekend and his dad was busy with house projects and a deadline at work….. It’s only an hour away… but I’m still here!!!) The grandson is 14 months old and is fighting a flu bug. ICK!!!


  2. Umm, where’s the hamburger queue????
    And, being a Buttie Pillar Princess I would LUFFS to see the Painted Lady Buttie Pillars as well
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  3. rite naow (meee-ow) I feel semi-wondrously (de)mental enuff to just hop into this churning kwiksand of gravitational collapse of quasi-reality you have pixured.
    thanx ~


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