Home Is Where The Yard Is

Bigmouth: “You give Bigmouth tacos when we get back to San Diego, right?”
Producer Smurf: “Spicoli promised to smurf you a hundred bags of Doritos.”
Spicoli (from inside house): “Dude! I did not!”

One hundred bags of Doritos later …

Charlee: “Well it was nice to go to Oregon and see the painted ladies, but it’s good to be home.”
Spicoli: “Dude, you had home with you the whole time.”
Chaplin: “What’s all this fluffy stuff in the yard?”
Mouse: “I’ve seen this sort of thing, but not since long before you Hipsters came.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Who’s that over there?”

Soon …

Spicoli: “Hey, uh, Trixie.”
Mystery Dog: “‘Sup?”

Mouse: “If you’ll all excuse me, I need to go check on something …”

Spicoli: “So, uh, Trixie, when did you –”
Lulu: “I mean, my name is Lulu, but you can call me Trixie if you want to. I don’t mind. Just as long as somebody scratches my belly.”
Charlee: “Who’s Trixie?”

Meanwhile …

Mouse: “Hmm, nope, this hasn’t been used since I put my seal on it …”

Meet Lulu, an approximately three-year-old German Shepherd mix from the San Diego Humane Society. Lulu has been here for a few weeks and is slowly being introduced to the cats. (Lulu and Charlee are fine. Chaplin has not completely made up his mind yet.)

Lulu looks an awful lot like Trixie, especially from the back

Although she looks a lot like The Beautiful Trixie, Lulu is much, much goofier than her illustrious predecessor.

Every day is Tongue-Out Tuesday

Lulu was mostly an outdoor dog in her previous home, but now she’s well on her way to acclimating to indoor life. Her favorite activities are looking for bunnies and squirrels, cuddling with humans, figuring out what “toys” are, and rolling over for belly rubs.

Keep an eye out for more about Lulu and her introductions to the cats in future posts!

24 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Yard Is

  1. The hipster cats have a woofie sister! Hurray! She looks like she will fit in wonderfully, and looks so happy to be a part of your family. Congratulations to all. Xena, Lucy and Amy Pee S We wish we could have a cat, but Dad is allergic. Lucy


  2. Welcome, Lulu. We have been expecting a new family member but are surprised how much she reminds us of Trixie. How nice she is being introduced slowly to the kitties. They should become great friends soon.


  3. Welcome to Blogville Lulu. You sure do look a lot like your predecessor Miss Trixie. We’re happy to hear you found a great forever home and hope all the kitties will welcome you soon.


  4. Well, what do we have here??? Yay for all of you, and a great big welcome to Ms. Lulu!!! She sure is a pretty girl, and if she is goofy, all the better:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  5. Concatulaytionss on ‘doptin Lulu!!! Shee doess look a lot like Trixie….wee are so happy fore you Mistur Jamess an Missus Jamess an Charlee an Chaplin….wee love happy endinss an bee-ginninss!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew


  6. Heeeeeeeey Lulu!!! You are one beautiful puppers!!! You do looks a lot like Trixie, butts different, ya knows! You just be you boo! I am sure all the kittehs will loves you ~ who wouldn’t??! You are just too cute with the belly rubs!
    Welcome to Blogville !!!
    Ruby ♥


  7. Uh oh, Lulu. You have not idea what you’re getting into here. You gained an awesome new family who will love you bunches….BUT, there’s a big catch. From now on, NOTHING you do will be private. The whole world will know it every time you get into any mischief. Just thought I’d warn you, especially since they’re already describing you as “goofy.”

    Regardless, a great big WELCOME from Behr Behr (who’s been around long enough to know this new home you got quite well…bwhahahah…)


  8. Hi Lulu! Just so you know, your humans are a wee bit nutty. However, we are certain you will have them trained to administer belly rubs, and snacks, and to cater to your every whim in no time! Just watchout for the ninja hedgehogs, and Bug Bunny.

    *kissey face*
    -Saint Fiona the Patient, Crazy Daisy, and Lucy-Fur


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