Intro to Stuffies 101

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! The cats were telling me about how their brother Angel Dennis used to post skolarly treetises scholarly treatises about various topics, so I thought I would try my hand paw at doing one. And because I’m a modern girl, I decided to do my first scholarly treatise in the form of a video. Sort of like those video courses that you can get from dog training sites and colleges. Only nicer because I’m in this one.

So. Have you all heard of these things called “stuffies”?

Yes, apparently a “stuffie” is just like an animal — a bunny or a squirrel or a bird or a sloth — except it’s not really alive only alive if you find just the right spot to squeeze it.

Since this is just an intro class, I am still figuring stuffies out. I give them the little nibbles and that doesn’t make them wake up, although it would help with their flea problems. If they had flea problems. Which I’m not saying they do. But if they did, I would be making them feel better. But why won’t they squeak for me??? They squeak for Dada and he doesn’t even have big teeth like I do. He has silly little teeth for eating lettuce. Not good at all for chomping on stuffies. I guess maybe they would work for doing flea biteys. But I already know that flea biteys don’t make stuffies squeak. Maybe it has something to do with his paws hands …

Sigh. I will keep working on my investigation and report back once I know more. But for now this is Lulu, rolling over and out.

21 thoughts on “Intro to Stuffies 101

  1. Try fur a roadtrip to Pawsylvania – woo can have your choice from TWO overflowing boxes of STUFFIES!

    Of khourse, all three of us think KHATS are stuffies – your management may be SOME issues with that 😉

    NAK and The Blondes

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  2. Good try sweet Lulu you keep working at it and you will get it figured out. We bet if that stuffie had fleas they are all gone…you gave it a lot of great flea biteys. Hugs and nose kisses

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  3. Oh Lulu, you made Ma LOL and smile at your stuffie action! I likes that you go for the butt….I do too! Okays, here’s a tip….big bites and lots of them! BOL!! You will have that stuffie tamed and under your paw in no time at all!
    Ruby ♥

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