The Peach Rats

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! I have discovered that rats* have been eating the peaches from our tree. Fortunately I am on patrol and prepared to stamp my feet in the ivy until I find them!

Soon …

Lulu: “Did any of the other dogs who lived here ever mention rats stealing peaches from the tree?”
Spicoli: “Tree rats? You mean squirrels? Yeah, dude, that was a constant topic of water bowl conversation.”

Lulu: “No, I mean rat rats. The kind with long tails. I smell them in the peach tree, but I haven’t been able to catch them.”
Spicoli: “To be honest, dude, it doesn’t look like you’re trying all that hard to catch rats in that picture there.”
Charlee: “I’ve never heard of rats in the peach tree, but we’ve had mice in the kitchen. I stared at the cabinets for hours. It was so cool.”

Lulu: “I was taking a roll break.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Maybe the squirrels are wearing eu du rat cologne. It’s all the rage in Paris this year.”
Mr. Nibbles: “I don’t think there’s any such thing as eu du rat cologne.”
Chaplin: “If there’s not, there should be!”
Vermin: “HISSS! Oh and I suppose you’ve been to Paris lately.”

Lulu: “So nobody knows anything about rats in the peach tree, then? I’ll keep investigating on my own. I’ll catch them eventually, or my name isn’t Lulu!”
Producer Smurf: “What are you going to smurf if you smurf them? Smurf them for belly rubs?”
Lulu: “The only part of that I understood was ‘belly rubs’. So, yes.”

Later …

Mouse: “What have I told you guys about staying out of the yard?”
Rat of NiMH: “The Rats of NiMH take orders from no mouse! Also, we wanted to make some peach schnapps.”

* Dada’s note: There are indeed rats stealing peaches from the tree. On several occasions when Lulu has charged up there to investigate strange noises, the rats have been spotted making a leisurely escape along the top of the fence while Lulu, none the wiser, spends the next ten or fifteen minutes trying to flush them out by hopping around in the ivy.

13 thoughts on “The Peach Rats

  1. Lulu, I loved watchin’ you hop through the ivy! I knows your pain ~ we gots roof-rats that come and use our fences and trees and power lines as their rat-superhighway! They are always up high where I can’t gets them, and that doesn’t make me happy at all!! I hopes you gets one….I am cheerin’ you on gurl!
    Ruby ♥


  2. It seems that everyone should be pitching in to help rid the yard of the rats! Mice! Squirrels! Whatever.

    Dennis would have NEVER tolerated such a violation.



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