Overheard Around The Backyard

Mouse: “You’re not still having a problem with rats stealing peaches, right?”
Lulu: “All the peaches are gone now. So no.”

Mouse: “Okay, good. So things have settled down up there.”
Lulu: “Yes, I think so.”

Mouse: “Good. No need to worry about chasing rats around then.”
Lulu: “Not as long as they don’t get up to any more mischief.”

Lulu: “Do you smell peach schnapps?”
Mouse: “Excuse me, I need to go talk to some folks.”

10 Comments on “Overheard Around The Backyard

  1. We think if the rats are making schnapps from your peaches that you should get some of the revenue. Think of all the treats you could buy.


  2. Peach schnapps?! I have not had that in years. Make sure those rats have the proper permits!


  3. Rats AND schnapps?? Could it be a new tasty dish??? sounds yummers! BOL!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Lulu, if you needs some help with the surveillance, just lets me know…..


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