Pup In An Elevator


Mouse: “What are you doing in there, Lulu?”
Lulu: “I heard some funny noises from the ivy so I cam to check it out and I found this sign and an elevator.”


Mouse: “Oh, the ‘room what moves’, as Dennis used to call it. Elevators can be pretty scary for dogs, so if you don’t want to—”
Lulu: “I’m not scared, I’ve been in elevators with Mama and Dada before. I already pushed the button.”



Steven Tyler: “Going down?”
Lulu: “Hmm, the other elevator didn’t have a hobo in it.”
Mouse: “I don’t think this is a hobo.”

One elevator ride later …


Spicoli: “Hey dudes! I didn’t know you liked schnapps. Just a tip, check your glasses for mustache hair.”
Nicodemus: “Welcome, what can I get for you?”
Lulu: “I’ll take a belly rub.”
Mouse: “What part of ‘stay out of the yard’ do you guys have trouble understanding?”
Brutus: “Are you wearing a battery-powered tracking device?”
Lulu: “Yes. Why?”
Brutus: “I thought so. Please come with me.”
Lulu: “Okay! Are we going to get belly rubs?”

15 thoughts on “Pup In An Elevator

  1. If we thought there could be tummy rubs for riding an elevator, we would hop right on. Hope you got those tummy rubs with NO complications. But for some reason, we are not sure that is where this tale is headed.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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