Battery Ratcraft


Brutus: “Behold, the underground hall of batteries!”
Lulu: “It’s very nice. I like the cool floor. If I roll over on it, will I get a belly rub?”
Brutus: “Probably not, no.”


Lulu: “Well, that’s disappointing.”
Spicoli: “How did you rat dudes manage to build all this without getting caught?”
Brutus: “Well, once the other black dog and the crazy little red dog were gone, it became fairly easy for us to operate undetected.”
Spicoli: “Ah, well, yeah, that’s certainly … Hey, is that a Tesla over there?”
Brutus: “It is, but we Rats of NiMH have made various improvements to the techology. It’s still experimental.”


Spicoli: “Woo-hoo, torque, dudes! I feel the need for speed! Back in a flash!”
Mouse: “What I don’t understand is what you Rats of NIMH are up to. Why are you stockpiling batteries down here instead of going off to live in a technological rattopia?”
Brutus: “Check your capitalization. We are not the Rats of NIMH. We are the Rats of NiMH. Nickel metal hydride.”



Brutus: “You’re just lucky you came to us instead of to our enemies the Lions. They trade in lithium ion batteries and those things can explode and catch fire.”


Mouse: “The Rats of Nickel Metal Hydride? The Lions of Lithium Ions? None of this makes any sense!”
Spicoli: “Since when has not making sense ever been a problem around here, dude? Oh and by the way I wrecked your Tesla.”
Brutus: “Enough talking! Now you must pay!”

Later …


Lulu: “… so then the rat sold me a nickel metal hydride battery subscription and threw in a bottle of peach schnapps as a special gift. Sounds just like one of Dennis’s adventures that you’ve told me about, right?”
Chaplin: “Well, maybe not exactly.”
Producer Smurf: “Peach schnapps! Smurfy! I’ll go smurf us some acorn caps to use as cups!”

15 thoughts on “Battery Ratcraft

      1. Charlee: “Our Dada thinks it’s probably the Akismet anti-spam filter inspecting your comment. Whatever the Akismet anti-spam filter is.”
        Chaplin: “I would be happy to eat any spam that it finds.”
        Charlee: “He says Akismet has funny ideas about what’s spam and what isn’t. Every single comment from our friend Brian the cat goes to spam and Dada has to un-spam it, and even though Akismet is supposed to learn what is spam and what isn’t, it never does.”
        Chaplin: “Stop talking about spam if you’re not going to give me any.”
        Lulu: “What is spam, Chaplin?”
        Chaplin: “Meat in a can, of course.”
        Lulu: “Oooh! I’ll try some of that!”


  1. I smell a rat…and some peachy stuff too, MOL!
    Lulu have you been imbibing already?? BOL!


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