The Alarmist


Mouse: “What’s up, Lulu? You don’t have your usual happy-go-lucky expression.”
Lulu: “Chaplin got eaten by a blob.”


Mouse: “I see. You know, that sounds just a wee bit alarmist. Like something Dennis would have said.”
Lulu: “It’s not alarmist. I saw the whole thing! He was strugging to escape, but couldn’t. It was so sad.”


Mouse: “Are you sure it wasn’t just that Chaplin was playing inside a sack or something?”
Lulu: “No, he was in there squirming and thrashing and waving his paws around. It was just awful.”
Chaplin: “What was awful?”


Lulu: “Nothing.”
Mouse: “Oh okay. Hey if you see Charlee let her know I’m done playing in the pillowcase so she can have a turn if she wants it.”


Mouse: “Well?”
Lulu: “You weren’t 100% correct. You said a sack, not a pillowcase.”

13 thoughts on “The Alarmist

  1. A genuine mistake, but at least in future if there ever really is a case of ‘the blob’ attacking & devouring unsuspecting victims then Lulu would be an expert eye witness to save the day! x


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