Caturday Picture Show: The Ruined Fortress


Oh. Hello. Would you like to hear the story of my fortress?


It was a lovely fortress once, sturdy and new. It defended me well against Charlee. But now, as you can see, it is a shredded ruin.


Who could have done this, you ask? What barbarian horde descended on my fortress and demolished it?



I’m sorry. It’s too painful for me relive it right now.

12 thoughts on “Caturday Picture Show: The Ruined Fortress

  1. Oh no, so sad! Don’t worry, Chaplin. Castle & fortress ruins are the coolest, you can charge Charlie & Lulu & papa to see it, it can be a protected heritage tourist attraction 😉


  2. Oh Chaplin this must have bin furry upssettin fore you…Shuud wee get you sum E Em Dee ARe furapee??? It werkss fore LadyMew…
    Mee iss sorry yore fortress has bin dee-molished…
    Lulu mee frend you sorta kinda owe Chaplin a new fortress…maybee yore PawPaw can get one fore you to give to Chaplin???
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


  3. Laughing, I’m dying right now. Lulu gets her revenge! Now Chaplin has a tray. Not a breakfast tray or a dinner tray. Hmmm, maybe a tv tray?


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