Caturday Matinee: Slap/Happy

11 Comments on “Caturday Matinee: Slap/Happy

  1. That happens here too, with Benji when he wants to interact with Pipo…but Pipo whaps him no matter…he reads the wag as a threat…and Benji is now scared of Pipo…Dalton is always scared of Pipo, no matter what. Sigh…


    • Charlee: “Oh yes, Chaplin isn’t being defensive and just whaps her with his paw, not with his claws.”
      Chaplin: “So far.”
      Lulu: “What’s that supposed to mean?”
      Chaplin: “Nothing …”


  2. Hey Lulu, are you really happy being slapped? I hate it when Little Pyshka does this to me! But boy! do you have a gorgeous tail! Wow – just like mine!
    Meow from Beba.


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