Lulu: “This seems like it’s been an awfully long trip. Where are we?”
Producer Smurf: “This is Norway, Land of the Trolls! If you want to smurf about them, this is the place to smurf it.”

Lulu: “So trolls live in Norway? I was under the impression trolls were mostly found on the Internet or under bridges.”
Producer Smurf: “Where did you smurf that nonsense?”
Lulu: “I went back and read some of Dennis’s old travelogues.”
Spicoli: “Dude, please don’t use Dennis’s blog as reference material.”
Norwegian Blue Parrot: “The fjords! How I have been pining for them.”


Lulu: “So far this trip has been pretty short on trolls. What about those things? Are those trolls?”
Producer Smurf: “No, those are sheep.”
Lulu: “Sheep, eh? I feel a strange urge to herd them into a pen.”
Sheep: “You just try it little missy.”
Spicoli: “Yeah, I used to have those urges too, dude. But then I joined a twelve-step program and got over it.”

Eventually …


Chaplin: “Look at that thing! It’s huge! Get close to it so I can jump on its head.”
Spicoli: “We’re gonna need a bigger Magic Flying Coaster, dude.”
Producer Smurf: “Here we go! Over there you will smurf our first example of a troll. Now then, as you can smurf—”
Lulu: “Never mind that. What’s all that white stuff on the ground? It looks cool and inviting.”

13 thoughts on “Trollhunters

  1. Hi there, you are only one country away from our Finland. Just fly over Sweden and here you are. You know who is living in Finland, Father Christmas! He will soon fly with his reindeers, so be careful. He has elves helping him, if you don’t see trolls, so elves are even better. If I see you, could I fly with you to America?


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